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Change of Major/Minor Procedures

How to become a Journalism, Communication or Mass Communication Major or Minor:

1. Sign up for an appointment using the sign up sheets outside HHH162,
CJ Intake Adviser, Janet Dreiver.

NOTE: An appointment time may be up to a week after the time of request. PLAN AHEAD.

2. When you meet with the Intake Adviser, bring the following:

  • a "What-If" Degree Audit including the new major or minor
  • a completed semester-by-semester Student Degree Plan Form showing all classes that you plan to take to meet your degree requirements. You may get the required form at: You may also get the form in the department office.
  • any questions you have about this major or minor

NOTE: While you might think that you cannot complete your Plan Form without help, please do the best you can. Read your degree audit and catalogue information carefully. Advising guide sheets per major are available from the Department office, HHH 152, and at

The CJ Intake Adviser will review your completed Plan and offer assistance. The CJ Intake Adviser will not be able to meet with you if you do not bring the What-If Degree Audit and a completed Plan form. A new appointment time will have to be scheduled.

3. After you meet with the CJ Intake Adviser, the program assistant will update your record with your new major or minor, assign a CJ academic adviser, and email the information to you.

You may contact the program assistants in the department as follows:

Judy Gatlin, Program Assistant
Ellen Hon, Program Assistant

Hibbard Humanities Hall 152

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