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Change of Major/Minor Procedures

How to change to a major or minor in the Department of Art & Design:

How to add/change to a major:

1.Depending on your circumstances, we have two ways for adding or changing your major:

a. If you are contemplating a change to Art & Design from a different department, you should first speak with our Department Chair, Christos Theo (, or another member of the faculty. It is then recommended that you arrange a meeting with the Chair. During this meeting, you will discuss degree options and decide on an area of emphasis.

Please note: When you come for your meeting, please bring a copy of your "What-If" Degree Audit and your Change of Major Request Form.  Print the Change of Major Request Form or obtain the form in the department office.

b. If you are already an Art & Design major and simply wish to change your emphasis, come to the department office in HFA 104 to speak with the Academic Department Associate (ADA). You will not be required to meet with the Department Chair.

2. Advising documents are available in the department office. You will be provided with copies during your meeting, and it is encouraged you take the time to read them.

3. After your meeting, the ADA will update your major information online and assign you to an Art & Design advisor. At this time, if you would like to discuss your major further, it is your responsibility to arrange a meeting with your advisor.

How to add a new minor:

1. Come to the department office in HFA 104. The Academic Department Associate (ADA) will provide you with advising documents and enter your new minor online.

2. If you wish to speak to an advisor, the ADA will direct you to a faculty member for you to see.

You may contact the ADA as follows:

Megan Clark, Academic Department Associate
Haas Fine Arts 104