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Change of Major/Minor Procedures

How to change to major or minor in the Foreign Languages Department:

If you change to the Ancient Studies Minor...

1. Study the Ancient Studies Minor program in the university catalogue or on the Classics section (of the Department of Foreign Languages Department) web site (

2. Obtain your "What-If" Degree Audit for the new minor.

3. Draft a tentative course plan for your new minor.

4. Come to the main office of the Department of Foreign Languages (HHH 378) and make an appointment to meet with the Minor advisor.

5. Meet with the Minor advisor. (You must have your What-If degree audit and your tentative course plan with you!)

6. After your meeting with the Minor advisor, the program assistant in our department’s main office will enter your minor change online.

You may also contact the program assistant by phone or e-mail:

Judy Ramsey
(715) 836-4287