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Conditions for Auditing a Class

An auditor registers to attend a course and participate in class activities without earning credit (see Auditing Courses).
Basic required textbooks for use in undergraduate courses are available from the Instructional Resource Rental Department of the University Bookstore.  
In all University courses, students registering for credit are given priority over auditors, but a wide variety of alternatives is available to the auditor each semester.
There are no formal requirements concerning previous education. Audit enrollment is not permitted in some courses(see current Class Schedule for restrictions).


The University of Wisconsin, Board of Regents policy makes it possible for students to audit courses at reduced costs, as follows:

  • Wisconsin Residents under age 60: 30% of the normal per credit tuition.
  • Wisconsin Residents age 60 or older: Normal per-credit tuition waived (as of first day of classes).
  • Minnesota Reciprocity: 30% of the normal per-credit Minnesota Reciprocity Fee.
  • Nonresidents: 50% of the normal per credit tuition.
  • Tuition shall be removed for all disabled Wisconsin residents receiving disability benefits under the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Income Program (SSI). 
  • Individuals with questions regarding disability requirements should contact an adviser in Old Library 2136 for information.
  • Individuals may audit six credits (or two courses, if credits exceed six) each semester, or may take one course for credit (at the normal per credit resident or nonresident fee) and another as an auditor during the same semester.
  • UW - Eau Claire does require the payment of segregated fees by all auditors. 

Audit Fees can be found on the Business Office's Student Financials website at