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What We Do

  • Produce operational reports related to student data and class/course/curriculum data to support the operational and academic functions of the University.
  • Produce email distribution lists to specialized groups of students.
  • Maintain CDR data submissions.
  • Maintain student records security access to CampS.
  • Ensure compliance with applicable federal and state laws and regulations regarding the maintenance and security of student records.

Internal Data Requests:

Data requests are made through the Student Data Systems Sharepoint site.  Report requests are evaluated and processed based on the order they were received and the priority assigned to the report. Often, the report developers will request a discussion with the requestor to understand the business process and data needs that the report represents to ensure the best possible product.

Data Request Form

Data requests that require analysis of the data are performed by the Office of Institutional Research.  Many requests for institutional data can be obtained from the Office of Institutional Research Factbook.  Please check this site prior to requesting specific enrollment/student data for the University.

Departments requesting data are required to ensure the integrity and security of student data.  This means that data is only shared with authorized users and that student data reports are stored only on the UWEC network.  Student data should not be saved to USB drives or laptops under any circumstances. Submission of student personally identifiable data to an appropriate third party via non-secure means (email) is not permitted.  Please consult with the Student Data Systems staff if you have questions regarding this matter. All printed reports containing student data should be disposed of via secure shredding.  The Records and Registration Office has access to this service if needed.  If student data is used inappropriately or is shared in a manner that places that data at risk then the Records and Registration Office reserves the right to discontinue access to that student data.

External Data Requests:

Directory Information for Students

Student Data Systems prepares lists for external organizations of student directory information. Student organizations that do not receive segregated fees are considered an external organization for purposes of data requests. There is a $75 charge (plus tax if applicable) for such requests. The description of the request should be sent to Eric Benson at or 715-836-2401. The request should indicate the date desired, where the information is to be sent, and name and address of the person to be billed. Data is prepared in a Microsoft Excel/CSV format. UW - Eau Claire complies with the Wisconsin statute regarding public records requests.

Access to Student Information Systems

Persons requesting access to student data need to ensure that they abide by the student privacy requirements of the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act. Please see the Records and Registration Office FERPA site regarding procedures used throughout the University. Access to Student Information Systems data may be requested by completing a BPLogix eform. Detailed instructions relating to completing and submitting the eform may be found at LTS Online Help Access Request.