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The Scheduling unit schedules all academic classrooms on campus. This excludes Davies Center, Schofield Hall, Zorn Arena, and McIntyre Library.

Contact Diane Stegner Roadt at 715-836-3838 with question ab out academic room scheduling for semesterly courses.

Contact Judy Kircher at 715-836-4750 to request rooms for ad-hoc or large events.

Remember: Completing a Web Reservation Form does not confirm your reservation. The Scheduling staff will review room availability and contact you as soon as possible. It is advisable to plan ahead when requesting academic space as volume of requests may not allow for immediate response.

Classroom Utilization Search

Use the search to check classroom availability.

Room Reservation Request E-Form

To reserve a classroom for ad-hoc room requests, use the E-Form below:

Room Reservation Request E-Form

Large Event Room Request
Contact Judy Kircher at 715-836-4750 to request rooms for large events such as:

  • Tournaments
  • Festivals
  • Contests
  • Conferences
  • Summer Programs
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