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Previously published undergraduate and graduate University catalogs are available online as PDFs.

Catalog Resources

For the 2016-2017 undergraduate catalog, the catalog will be published using a software tool called CourseLeaf. We will be utilizing the catalog software system to streamline, reduce workload, and provide efficiencies in the creation of our catalog.

WARNING: The catalog content in our new online catalog software system looks different! Catalog navigation has been reorganized and content has been combined into student-focused pages.

When at all possible, keep content brief and utilize functionality to link to your website. This allows students to access your website information directly and eliminates the maintenance of content in the catalog that is not required to be archived as part of the official institutional document. Links from the catalog to your website ultimately provide you the ability to update content continually and in only one location.

Catalog Cycle

We will publish both the undergraduate and graduate catalogs on a yearly basis. (The graduate catalog will start a yearly cycle in 2017). Our goal is to have the catalog available to the public June 1st each year.

Catalog Approval Process

The Records and Registration curriculum team has carefully reviewed migrated content, however the catalog owners/editors need to take a careful look and verify that the information on the pages is accurate. An electronic workflow process built into the catalog software will be utilized to review and edit catalog content. We hope you find it easy to use.

Catalog page approval/workflow: Each department and content area of the catalog has a separate workflow process. The workflow process is based on catalog roles. The owner of the page starts the workflow process by entering any changes and then clicking the workflow button. The next role in the workflow then has the ability to review and/or make edits and approve the page.

If the current workflow assignments are not correct and/or departments want to add additional users in each role, email with the changes. Please note, however, that no matter how many individual users are in each editor or publisher role, it only takes one user to approve a page.

Getting Started

The Records and Registration curriculum team has created a CourseLeaf quick guide, a style guide for the catalog, and designated open lab times to provide assistance. Available resources can be found on Blugold Insider - Catalog Review