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Al WibergName: Al Wiberg, Program Director
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Ashland, WI
Years at the EAC: Since 1992
Hobbies: Family, flying, adventure racing, scuba diving, skiing & being in the outdoors
Favorite trip: Multi-pitch Climbing and Sea Kayaking
Favorite Quote: "I'm getting too old for this!" 

Being in the outdoors gives me a chance to connect with those around me. Some of my best friendships have been molded in the outdoors. Now, as a father of two, I hope to give my kids a passion for the outdoors. Adventure racing, paddling, backpacking, skiing, and SCUBA diving are just a few of the activities that occupy most of my free time.

Dan LangloisName: Dan Langlois, Assistant Director of Recreation & Sport Facilities
Major: Broadfield Social Studies Masters Degree: Physical Education
Hometown: Durand, WI
Years at the EAC: Since 1986
Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, Canoeing/Kayaking, Archery, Volunteer Youth/Family Activities Planning & Fund Raising, Conservation/Land Stewardship Service
Favorite trip: I really appreciate any trips on the lower Chippewa in our backyard & the wilderness of Canada. Every time I hear the EAC phone ring (Sound of the Loon!!!) I think of some special places in Ontario, Canada. Don’t tell anyone!! Sometimes I let the phone ring TWICE just to hear that special call!!
Favorite Quote: "Wherever a campfire burns, it weaves it spell" – Anonymous 

I have really enjoyed my twenty six plus years working in the EAC. What a fantastic job!! I have especially enjoyed being around such terrific students & watching the program grow. It has been especially rewarding to know that many of our student employees are contemplating careers in the outdoor recreation/environmental education field. Each student in their own special way is gifted with such unique talents. There is still much work to do. I still arrive in the shop each day challenged by the tremendous possibilities for the program. I hope everyone that reads this note feels a part of the program. You are the persons we strive to serve and we hope to meet you on our journey in the outdoors.