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The Sport Clubs Program is organized and administered by University Recreation. It is designed to provide UW-Eau Claire students opportunities to participate in activities in which they may be interested. The focus of the Sport Clubs Program blends the aspect of learning new skills, practicing with fellow participants, and competing with other clubs.A Sport Club is a recognized University student organization that has been formed by individuals motivated by a common interest and desire to participate in a favorite activity. The Club exists to promote and develop interest in that activity. Its members learn new skills, refine existing skills, engage in competition, and enjoy the recreational and social fellowship of each activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I get info on a specific sport club?
    See the Contacts section below to email any sport club for more info or stop by the University Recreation Office and ask for Jon Bollinger, the Sport Clubs Coordinator. A Sport Clubs brochure is available which provides details on each respective club. You may also add your name and telephone number to the "contact sheet" on the Sport Clubs bulletin board in the Hilltop Center and someone from the club will contact you.

  • Can anyone become a member of a sport club?
    All officially enrolled UW-Eau Claire students are eligible to join and maintain membership in any sport club. Graduate student participation in leagues or national tournaments will be determined by league or conference guidelines for each respective club. University faculty/staff may participate in club activities as non-voting and non-office holding associate members.

  • Is there a fee for participation?
    Some clubs require payment of dues but some do not. Each club determines their own dues.

  • How do I go about creating a sport club?
    • You will need to go through the Student Senate process of being recognized as a UW-Eau Claire organization and provide a copy of your "official recognition" letter to the Sport Clubs Coordinator.
    • Provide a list of your club members, officers, club advisor, and coach (if applicable) to the Sport Clubs Coordinator.
    • Provide a copy of your club's constitution to the Sport Clubs Coordinator.
    • Complete an application to become a sport club and return it to the Sport Clubs Coordinator.
    • Create a campus checking account through the UW-Eau Claire Business Office. You must appear before the Sport Clubs Advisory Council to apply for membership. Based on your presentation, they will make a recommendation on your club's acceptance to the Sport Club program.

  • When does the Sport Clubs Advisory Council Meet?
    They meet at 4:00 pm in the Hilltop Lounge on the first Wednesday of each month during the academic year.



Sport Club Handbook (DOC)
A-1: Application and Sponsorship Guidelines (DOC)
A-2: Sport Club Application (DOC)
A-3: Sample Constitution Guide for Sport Clubs (DOC)
A-4: Policy and Guidelines Certification (DOC)
A-5: Agreement and Release Form (DOC)
A-6: Officer Roster (DOC)
A-7: Organization Officer Roster (PDF)
A-8: Transportation Form (DOC)
A-9: Parents/Guardians Consent and Release Form (DOC)
A-10: Anti-Hazing Policy (DOC)
A-11: Inventory Form (XLS)
B-1: Mid-Semester Report (DOC)
B-2: Annual Report (DOC)
B-3: Community Service Completion Form (DOC)
B-4: Incoming Officer Worksheet (DOC)
B-5: Outgoing Officer Worksheet (DOC)
C-1: Facility Use Request (DOC)
C-2: Reservations and Scheduling Information (DOC)
C-3: Field Supervisor's Phone Numbers (DOC)
C-4: Field Supervisor Position Description (DOC)
C-5: Field Supervisor's Daily Report (DOC)
C-6: Accident/Injury Report (DOC)
C-7: Bollinger Field Map (PDF)
C-8: Carson Park Football Stadium Policies and Procedures (DOC)
D-1: Travel Itinerary/Reimbursement Form (DOC)
E-1: Budget Information Sheet (DOC)
E-2: Budget Request & Major Event Revenues and Expenses (XLS)
E-3: Major Event Form (XLS)
F-1: Prospective/Participant Interest Form (DOC)
F-2: Donation Receipt for Community Donors (DOC)
F-4: Petition Form-Credibility Issues (DOC)
F-5: Audio/Video Editing Station (DOC)

Sport Club Coordinator / Contact Information

Jon Bollinger
(715) 836-5732