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Ropes Course

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Ropes Course Is Up and Running!

The EAC ropes course is newly renovated and a whole lot of fun! Learn to build team work while adventuring and balancing through obstacles. Come check it out!


Open May - Early November

Al Wiberg (715-836-5601)

Employment Opportunity

The Eagle's View Challenge Ropes Course offers a series of activities designed for individual and group participation regardless of age, physical limitation or ability level. The mission of this program is to concentrate on individual and group skill development by presenting a series of activities that involve physical and emotional risk with the opportunity to succeed (or sometimes fail) within a supportive group atmosphere. Participants develop skills in problem solving, communication, decision making, trust, as well as gain a strong sense of self-worth and accomplishment. The Ropes Course experience also promotes calculated risk-taking, enhances leadership and management skills, facilitates organizational change, and builds effective teams.

The Eagle’s View Challenge Ropes Course staff develops tailored programs specifically designed to meet group goals and objectives. Group dynamics have shown that ability levels vary, and groups progress at different rates throughout a ropes course experience, (i.e. maturity levels, ability to follow instructions, listening and being safe). With this in mind, it’s important that the Eagle’s View Challenge Ropes Course clients understand and support the notion that not all groups may complete the entire program in the contracted time. Please remember, that we emphasize that the goal of a successful ropes course experience, is allowing participants the opportunity to concentrate on individual and group skill development, while maintaining a safe and supportive group atmosphere. This is best accomplished by being flexible when working with groups and understanding that the group process is more important than the number of activities that can be completed in the time allowed. 
Please note that all elements of the Eagle’s View Challenge Ropes Course may not be available due to maintenance issues, staffing, or situations/events/weather beyond our control. 

Initiative & Low Ropes Course

These physical and mental activities encourage cooperation, communication and problem-solving skills, leading to mutual support and trust within the group. Some of these activities may involve more perceived risk and challenge and include props such as wooden platforms, boards, ropes and cables.

High Ropes Course

The high elements are designed to provide a more individual challenge and to build self-confidence while still relying on the group support system. These activities include climbing and are anywhere from 20 to 30 feet off the ground. A safety system (belay system) is used with each activity.