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Intramurals FAQ

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  • How do I register an intramural team?
    Team registrations now take place online. Follow the link on the bottom of the Intramural home page when the registration period begins and follow the directions. There is a $25 entry fee payment required for each team registered.

  • Can I play if I don't have a group to form a team?
    Individuals may add their name to the "Free Agents" list located on the Intramural Information Board in Hilltop Center. This list will be made available to all teams looking for additional players at the Captain's Meeting.

  • How many players do I need for a team?
    It depends on the sport you are playing. The number of players can be found under the "Rules & Regulations" section of this page - just click on the sport you are interested in.

  • Where can I find Intramural rules?
    Check out the "Rules & Regulations" section of this page.

  • What are the captains' meetings?
    Team captains meet to cover the rules, policies, and procedures of the sport they are participating in, and to pick up their play schedules.

  • Where are Bollinger Fields located?
    Bollinger Fields are about three blocks south of the UW-Eau Claire campus on Stein Boulevard (behind Shopko).