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Group Ex Fall Schedule

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Yoga Sculpt
Dance Strength Fusion
Strength and Tone
Pilates Yoga Strength
Butts and Guts
On The Ball
Vita Course

Brittany Wold (715-836-4010)
For Cycling Reservations call (715-836-2212)

Group Exercise

Get in a great workout while reducing stress and hanging with friends! Group Exercise classes are designed to increase your cardiovascular health, muscular strength/endurance and improve flexibility! We offer a wide array of classes so you'll never get bored! Join our energetic staff as you achieve a higher level of health and personal wellness!


Ready to get serious about your health and fitness goals? Check out Fit4Life!
Also check out the Fit4Life poster for more details on what is offered through this program!

Reservation Policy

Indoor Cycling classes now have a reservation system in place! Reservations can ONLY be made the day of the class starting at 6am. You must speak to a live customer service representative, voicemails will not be accepted as a reservation. If you cannot keep your reservation, you must call and cancel two hours before class begins. To make a reservation call Crest Fitness Center at 715-836-2212. 


Tour De Rec

Start your semester off strong and Experience Recreation by attending Tour de Rec! Enjoy free food, fitness and fun! Run the Hill for a free t-shirt. Find out information about the event here.


Join the FREE Vita Challenge and become a Blugold Warrior! FREE sweet treats, music, fun and atmosphere for all from Noon-5pm. NO participation required!

FEELING COMPETITIVE? Win a Fitness Center Membership and get a retro t-shirt

Test your fitness abilities and win Fitness Center memberships in this elite Vita Challenge. Competitors will compete against one another in 8 events to become the ultimate Blugold Warrior! The event is on May 5th and takes place on the newly designed Vita Course loop behind McPhee/Olson. Warriors will execute 8 exercises until fail, striving to accumulate the most overall points. The warrior with the most points at the end of the challenge wins an annual fitness center membership. The competition is broken down into male and female divisions. The top 3 warriors in each division will receive a prize. ALL Blugold warriors receive a retro Blugold Warrior t-shirt. Stay for cotton candy and snow cones, music and fun before and after you run the event. Register for FREE:

Click here for competitive work out details

When: May 5th - Competitive heats are from noon-3pm Where: Vita Course behind McPhee/Olson How: Register for free online. Choose "Vita Challenge-Competitive"

LOOKING FOR FUN? Get a retro t-shirt.

Tired of the same old workout? Explore the Course is the non-competitive version of the Vita Course Challenge. Become a Blugold Warrior the fun, non-competitive way by exploring the course with a friend. Try out each of the 8 fitness elements under the instruction of a fitness team member. Everyone receives a Blugold Warrior T-shirt. Stay for food, music and fun before or after run the event. Register for FREE:

Click here for noncompetitive work out details

When: May 5th - Non-competitive heats are from 3-5pm, 2 people per heat
Where: Vita Course behind McPhee/Olson
How: Register for free online. Choose "Vita Challenge-Noncompetitive

Check out the Exercises for the Vita Challenge. 

Services Offered

  • Barre Fit: Barre Fit is a fusion of Ballet, Pilates, and Yoga! This sculpting class focuses on strength and flexibility training while using a Ballet Barre. This total body conditioning technique & intense workout will transform and sculpt your entire body. Barre fit is a no-impact workout. Using an interval training format, this class uses your own body weight for resistance with focus on performing precise isometric movements. muscles are worked to the point of fatigue and then stretched and lengthened using ballet inspired stretches. No prior ballet experience necessary!
  • TurboKick ® : The hottest kickboxing class around! TurboKick® is an addictive workout that combines athletic moves, kickboxing, and hip-hop flavor in a party atmosphere. Turbo Kick® is an interval based class that allows participants of any fitness level to participate. Each new workout is more exciting, powerful and effective than the last!
  • Hydrorobics : This is a full body, low impact; 50 minute workout. You don't need to be a great swimmer for this class! Water belts/bells are used to increase resistance in the water and add variety to all moves. Come to stretch and tone all areas of the body and leave feeling energized.
  • Strength and Tone : This class will use weights, tubes/bands and balls to tone all muscle groups. By adding movement to many of the exercises, benefits from aerobic activity will also be achieved. Come enjoy your total body workout and leave "feeling good" all over. All exercises are adaptable for all fitness levels.
  • Yoga : If you're looking to improve your strength, flexibility, and balance while reducing your stress level and have fun at the same time then our yoga class is perfect for you! Come join us for a beginner to intermediate level yoga class that will not only give you a workout, but also leave you with a feeling of relaxation and accomplishment. What better way to end OR start your day? We hope to see you there!
  • Indoor Cycling: Get a great no impact, high intensity workout by participating in our indoor cycling classes! This 45 minute ride on specially designed stationary bikes will mimic outdoor riding. Class format will vary between interval rides, endurance rides, and strength rides. Most classes will be followed by a 5 minute ab workout. This class is for all fitness levels and is great for beginners!
  • Indoor Cycling class Reservation Policy:Group Exercise now takes reservations for Indoor Cycling. You can only reserve a class spot the DAY OF the class starting at 6am. You cannot leave a voicemail for a reservation, you must speak to a live desk worker. If you cannot attend class, please call to cancel your reservation or you  will be unable to use the reservation system. Walk ins are still welcome provided there is space. To make a reservation, call 715-836-2212
  • Zumba ® : Ditch the workout, Join the party!! This L atin dance inspired cardio party atmosphere consists of energizing and body sculpting movements meant to engage and captivate for a fun invigorating workout !
  • Butts and Guts: This 30 minute work-out focuses on the abdominals and lower body. This strengthening workout is taught so any fitness level can participate! Quality of the work-out will be the main focus, so control and technique are key components of this class!
  • PiYo ® is a unique combination of Pilates, Yoga, strength conditioning, flexibility and dynamic balance. Learn movements that elongate muscles, strengthen the core, release tension, deepen breath and improve posture. It's like boot-camp without the shoes!
  • HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training) - A high energy plyometric class that will challenge ANY level of participant. No equipment needed for this class! You will push yourself using high intensity moves and you own body weight. Modifications will be offered for people needing low impact.
  • On the Ball: This class will give you a full body workout using the physio ball. We will isolate muscle groups to improve strength and tone. This class will test your balance and your core strength with each exercise.  So, if you want to improve balance, get a tight core, and work on strengthening other muscle groups come give On the Ball a try.
  • Boot Camp: Boot Camp is designed not only to build up cardiac endurance but work on muscle building/strengthening.  This will be done by performing explosive moves, high endurance repetitions, the use of body weight and or weighted resistance and your will to push yourself.
  • Dance/Strength Fusion: This is a fun, energetic blend of hip hop choreography infused with strength moves great for full body toning. Get your heart rate up with dance and challenge your muscles with an assortment of full body exercises. Modifications make this class great for any fitness level.
  • Hip Hop: Learn hip hop dance routines while getting your cardio in! This class will teach you trendy dance moves in a fun, fitness environment!
  • Anything Goes: As the name suggests, show up and be surprised! Anything goes in this fun, energizing class. Class content may include creative cardio movements, and body weight or equipment based strength training. High and low impact options will be given.