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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Where is the course located?
    On upper campus with the starting hole next to Hilltop Recreation Center (see map).

  • When is the course available?
    The course is available every day, year round.

  • Does it cost to use the course?
    No, the only fee you have is to purchase or rent your own discs.

  • Can I reserve the course for a special event?
    Yes, please contact Al Wiberg at 836-5601 or e-mail

  • Can I purchase discs on campus?
    Yes, discs will be available for purchase at the Environmental Adventure Center

  • Can I rent a disc on campus?
    Yes, discs will be available at the Environmental Adventure Center, located in the Hilltop Basement for a nominal fee.

  • Who can participate?
    The course is open to all players and ability levels. We ask that your group does not exceed 4 players.