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  1. University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire’s students, faculty / staff and families must present a valid BluGold card or family pass prior to each climb.
  2. Community members must present a valid photo I.D. prior to each climb.
  3. All participants under the age of 16 MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  4. All climbers must complete a climbing wall orientation class or skills check, and have an activity waiver on file before engaging in any bouldering or climbing.
  5. For bouldering, a minimum of one spotter per climber is recommended. When bouldering, the climber’s feet shall not exceed the height of the 1st panel.
  6. Climbers must provide a belayer.
  7. Solo climbing is NOT permitted and all climbers must be protected by a top rope belay or sport route belay, unless bouldering.
  8. Climbers are required to use back-up belayers, until authorized by the Climbing Wall Staff.
  9. Climbers are required to use the ropes, carabiners and belay devices provided by the Climbing Wall.
  10. Climbers may use their own harnesses, shoes or helmets, but it must be approved by the Climbing Wall Staff prior to use.
  11. Helmets are required by all sport climbers.
  12. Shirts are required to be worn at all times.
  13. Climbing shoes must be worn at all times when climbing or bouldering.
  14. FIGURE 8 follow-through knot will be used to secure the climber’s harness to the rope.
  15. A belay device must be attached to the belayer’s harness by means of a locking carabiner. Climbers are not allowed to use their own belay devices unless approved by the Climbing Wall Staff.
  16. ALWAYS check and double check the climber's knot, harness and the belay system before EACH climb.
  17. The adjustment or rearrangement of holds is not permitted. The holds will be changed periodically by the Climbing Wall Staff, so your suggestions for change may be directed to them.
  18. Proper climbing/belaying commands should be used.
  19. The use of chalk is prohibited.
  20. For safety reasons, the wearing of jewelry during climbing is discouraged.
  21. Only instruction provided by the Climbing Wall Staff is permitted