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Year 1 Project (2008-2009)

  • A needs assessment will be conducted to gather information about classroom teachers’ understanding of RTI legislation and cultural components that can be aligned with intervention systems.
  • Time will be devoted to analysis and discussion of the first year findings from the year-long ECASD Self-Assessment of Polities and Resources that is currently underway.
  • Professional development will be delivered in ten 5-hour sessions during the summer of 2009 and 2010


  • 8/11/08 - RTI Debriefing
  • 9/3/08 - Meeting (22 teachers / Beyond Diversity Training / Summer Staff Development / Grant Evaluator)
  • 9/17/08 - Meeting (Evaluation Instruments and Evaluation Schedule / Needs Assessments / Teachers Pay)
  • 10/8/08 - Meeting (ELL Practices / Memorandum of Commitment Review / CCP Practices)
  • 10/29/08 - Meeting (Recruiting / Evaluation Instruments / Special Education)
  • 11/12/08 - Meeting (Memorandum of Understanding Review / PowerPoint Feedback / Evaluations / Special Education and Cultural Congruent Contributions)
  • 12/10/08 - Meeting (Evaluation Instruments / Plan for Needs Assessment / Cultural Disposition Assessment Review / CCP/ Summer Institute)
  • 1/20/09 - RTI/CCP Website Framework Completed
  • 2/4/09 - Meeting (Review RTI Instruments, MAKS Survey Progress, Teacher Self-Awareness Template, School-Wide Cultural Competence Observation Checklist)
  • Summer 2009 Professional Development Institute Begins (June 15th-19th)
  • 6/15/09 - Day 1: Introductions, Pre-Assessment, CCP KWL, 4 Corners Activity, RTI Overview.
  • 6/16/09 - Day 2: Community Building, Conceptual Frameworks, Engage/Explore/Explain/Elaborate/Evaluate 5-part exercise, 5 E's Lesson Plan, Peer Critiques.
  • 6/17/09 - Day 3: RTI Overview, RTI Universal Modeled Lesson, Lesson Deconstruction, Lesson Application.
  • 6/18/09 - Day 4: ELL Overview, Learning Styles, "Who Are Our Students?", "Why Are We Here?", Modified Assessment Examples, Partnered Lesson Plans.
  • 6/19/09 - Day 5: CCP Revisited, RTI/CCP/ELL Concept Play, Crafting Modeled Lessons, District Overview, Sharing Modeled Lessons, Evaluations/Self-Reflections.

Year 2 Project (2009-2010)

  • TEP and A&S personnel will assist the educators from year 1 in crafting practices that can be applied in their classrooms.
  • TEP and A&S personnel as coaches will work in the classrooms of the cadre to model and monitor application of the culturally-congruent practices that were presented in the professional development.
  • During these modeled lessons, colleagues from the school will be asked to observe and provide feedback using a CCP critical lens.
  • Preservice teachers will be paired in practicum settings with teachers who participated in year 1.


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Year 3 Project (2010-2011)

  • Procedures from year 2 will be replicated on a district-wide scale.
  • Cadre II will join Cadre I as the 35 participant teachers conduct model lessons, open their classrooms to additional student-teacher practicum, and provide intentional alignment of content in preservice courses with the culturally congruent RTI professional development which will be delivered for a second year.
  • The 35 teachers from prior years are invited to participate in the professional development open to all ECASD personnel two times per year, attend two advanced professional meetings per year in collaboration with the TEP and A&S faculty, and plan professional development for the teachers in their schools.
  • They will assist other teachers in their classrooms as needed.


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