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The Psychology Major, Liberal Arts
Course Catalogue 2009-10 and Earlier

Thirty-six semester credits, including:

Required Core Courses

  • 100 Introduction to Psychology (3 credits)
  • 101 Psychology as a Discipline and a Profession (1 credit)
  • 265 Statistical Methods in Psychology I (3 credits)
  • 271 Methods of Research in Psychology (4 credits)
  • 400 History and Systems of Psychology, or
    401 Big Issues in Psychology (3 credits)

One course from each of four areas (12 credits)

  1. Biological Perspective
    Idis 125 Brain: Introduction to Neuroscience, or
    372 Individual Differences and Behavior Genetics, or
    374 Cognitive Neuroscience, or
    375 Physiological Psychology, or
    376 Psychology of Perception, or
    377 Psychopharmacology

  2. Behavioral/Cognitive Perspective
    302 Principles of Learning, or
    379 Cognitive Psychology, or
    412 Experimental Analysis of Behavior

  3. Social/Personality/Clinical Perspective
    251 Abnormal Psychology, or
    340 Personality Psychology, or
    346 Positive Psychology, or
    373 Evolutionary Psychology, or
    435 Theories and Research in Developmental Psychology

  4. Applied Skills
    353 Health Psychology, or
    357 Ethics in Psychology, or
    380 Introduction to Behavior Modification, or
    390 Advanced Applied Behavior Analysis

Psychology Electives: 11 credits

NOTE 1: No credit may be earned toward completion of the major under the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory option for any of the required core courses listed above.
NOTE 2: Credit in Category A: Biological Perspective may be earned by completion of IDIS 152 Interdisciplinary Studies in the Natural Sciences when offered as "Introduction to Neuroscience."

Psychology Course Descriptions