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Choosing a Minor

All psychology majors are required to choose a 24-credit minor. The choices of minors that psychology majors select are as diverse as the students themselves!

Often, psychology majors choose minors to compliment their career interests. Examples of minors that many psychology majors have pursued include:

  • Sociology
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Family Studies
  • Gerontology
  • Spanish or other Foreign Language

Many psychology majors choose a minor that's not necessarily related to a career interest--or even related to Psychology. They may chose one, instead, that they simply find interesting for any reason. Options here are unlimited! 

Each college has a list of minors (but you need to check the catalogue for availability and requirements). For example, the College of arts and Sciences list minors HERE, and the College of Business lists minors HERE.  

Another option is:

The Topical Minor

A topical minor can be the perfect choice for students interested in pursuing an area of study that is not currently represented by an existing minor at UW-Eau Claire.

With the assistance of a faculty advisor, students select classes from a variety of departments / programs that are organized around an academic theme of their choosing. For more information, look up "topical minor" in your course catalogue for specifics. Forms are available in the Psychology Office (HHH 277) and are linked from the College of Arts and Sciences Forms web page.

Talk to your academic advisor and reference your Course Catalogue for detailed information about the minor options.

Updated, Fall 2014