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Faculty and Staff

Just Kate2Kate Lang, Administrative Lead, functional equivalent of Department Chair


Tammy Bednar

Tammy Bednar, Lecturer

Marriage and Family Therapy

James Benning

James Benning, Professor Emeritus

Educational Psychology and Counseling

april bleske-rechek

April Bleske-Rechek, Associate Professor

Individual Differences and Evolutionary Psychology

Roberta Goodman

Roberta Goodman, Professor Emerita

Developmental Psychology and Counseling

David C. Jewett

David C. Jewett, Professor

Behavioral Neuroscience

Kevin P. Klatt

Kevin P. Klatt, Associate Professor

Developmental and Child Psychology, Applied Behavior Analysis

Carla Lagorio

Carla Lagorio, Assistant Professor

Experimental Analysis of Behavior, Behavioral Economics, Behavioral Pharmacology


David Leland, Assistant Professor

Cognitive Neuroscience

Mary Beth Leibham

Mary Beth Leibham, Associate Professor

Educational Psychology and Special Education

Blaine F. Peden

Blaine F. Peden, Professor

Animal Learning and Behavior

Bob Tomlinson

Bob Tomlinson, Professor Emeritus 

Developmental Psychology

Catya von Károlyi

Catya von Károlyi, Associate Professor

Developmental Psychology

Sharon K. Westphal

Sharon K. Westphal, Professor Emerita

Guidance and Counseling/Mental Health


Gokce Gungor-Munoz, Assistant Professor



Jarrod Hines, Assistant Professor



Mark Mixdorf, Assistant Professor



Jennifer Parker, Assistant Professor



Amy Stern, Assistant Professor


Excellence. Our Measure. Our Motto. Our Goal.