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Melissa Coolong-ChaffinMelissa Coolong-Chaffin, Ph.D., NCSP

Degree: Ph.D. Educational (School) Psychology

Position: Assistant Professor; Associate Director, Academic Intervention Clinic
Office: HSS 216
Phone: (715) 836-3925
                                     Website:                                                     Clinic.htm

Courses Taught

  • PSYC 332: Psychology of Adolescence
  • PSYC 395: Directed Study: Reading Assessment and Intervention Practicum
  • PSYC 781: Advanced Practicum in Behavioral Consultation
  • PSYC 784: Multicultural Practicum in School Psychology
  • PSYC 785: Practicum in School Psychology II
  • PSYC 791: Professional Practice of School Psychology
  • PSYC 792: Research Seminar in School Psychology

Research Interests

  • Identifying and delivering intensive academic and social behavior interventions in school settings
  • Response to Intervention
  • Training and supporting teachers and school psychologists in data-based decision making
  • Parent and teacher consultation


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