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Angela PirlottAngela Pirlott

Degree: PhD, Arizona State University
Area: Social Psychology
Position: Assistant Professor
Office: HHH 276
Phone: (715) 836-5479

Courses Taught

  • Psyc 230: Human Development
  • Psyc 245: Social Psychology
  • Psyc 271: Methods of Research in Psychology

Research Interests

  • Prejudice and Stereotyping
  • Human Mating & Sexual Strategies
  • Sexual Health Decision Making

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Pirlott, A. G., & Schmitt, D. P. (in press). Gender & sexuality as culture. To appear in A. B. Cohen (Ed.) New Directions in the Psychology of Culture.

Pirlott, A. G., Kisbu-Sakarya, Y., MacKinnon, D. P., DeFrancesco, C., Eash, M., & Elliot, D. (2012). Mechanisms of motivational interviewing in health promotion: A Bayesian mediation analysis. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 9, 69.

MacKinnon, D. P., Cheong, J., & Pirlott, A. G. (2012). Statistical mediation analysis. In H. Cooper (Ed.) APA handbook of research methods in psychology. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

Russo, N. F., Pirlott, A. G., & Cohen, A. B. (2011). The psychology of women and gender ininternational perspectives: Issues and challenges. In F. Leong, A. Marsella, M. Leach, & W. Pickren (Eds.) Internationalizing the psychology curriculum in the United States: Meeting the challenges of globalization. Springer Publications.

Russo, N. F., & Pirlott, A. (2006). Gender-based violence: Concepts, methods, and findings. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences: Violence and Exploitation Against Women and Girls, 1087, 178-205.doi:10.1196/annals.1385.024


Conference Presentations



Pirlott, A. G., White, A. E., Basilio, C., & Kwan, V. S. Y. (2012, January). The influence of social ecology factors on sexual health decision making. Co-chaired symposium presented at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology Conference, San Diego, CA.

Pirlott, A. G., & Neuberg, S. L. (2011, October). Thinking straight about sexual prejudice: Avoiding unwanted sexual interest? Presentation at the Social Psychologists of Arizona Conference, Phoenix, AZ.

Mackinnon, D. P., & Pirlott, A. G. (2010, January).The unbearable lightness of b: Approaches to improve causal interpretation of the M to Y relation. Symposium presentation at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology Conference, Las Vegas, NV.

Pirlott, A. G., & Cohen, A. B. (2010, June). Features of the dating ecology: Implications for sexual strategies. Presentationat the 22nd Annual Meeting of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society, Eugene, OR.

Pirlott, A. G.(2005, May). Hip hop music and sexual attitudes. Presentation at the Midwest Psychological Association Conference, Chicago, IL.

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