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Student Awards

 Along with viewing the two scholarships below, please visit the UWEC Foundation Website for more political science scholarships.

There are currently two departmental awards designated for political science students.

  • The Karl Andresen Scholarship is given to a senior planning to attend graduate school or law school. Students that meet the initial criteria for the award will be invited to submit a written statement in January and the award is given out at the Honors banquet in spring semester. The amount of the award varies from year to year, but recent awards have been around $2,500. List of Andresen Scholarship winners.

  • The Karl Andresen Term Paper Award is given to a student with junior standing. The paper must be something written for a political science course at Eau Claire. A committee will evaluate the papers and give awards to either one or two papers. The amount of the award varies, but last year's award pool was $500. List of Andresen Term Paper winners.