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Faculty and Staff

John C. Evans
Assistant Professor
Hibbard Hall – Room 409
Appointment Year: 2012

B.S.– University of Wisconsin - Madison –Political Science and Math Double Major
M.A.– McGill University – Political Science
Ph.D.– University of Wisconsin - Madison – Political Science

Courses Taught:
POLS 110 – American National Politics
POLS 305 – Survey of U.S. Constitution Principles
POLS 309 – Classical Political Thought
POLS 310 – Modern Political Thought
POLS 311 – Contemporary Political Thought
POLS 312 – American Political Thought
POLS 338 – Judicial Politics
POLS 403 – U. S. Constitutional Principles-Powers of Government
POLS 404 – U.S. Constitutional Principles-Civil Liberties
POLS 405 – U.S. Constitutional Principles-Due Process and Criminal Law

Area of Expertise:
Public Law – Constitutional Law, particularly Amendment
Political Theory – Modern Political Thought, American Political Thought

Research Interests:
Early American Political and Constitutional Theory
1st Amendment Law
Religious and Political Theory