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Bait Bike Program

Every year, UW-Eau Claire experiences bicycle thefts from various areas of campus.  Since the 2008-2009 school year, 72 bicycles were reported stolen to the UW Eau Claire Police Department.  The total value of these bicycles was over $23,000.00.

In an effort to reduce these thefts, the UW-Eau Claire Police Department has recently purchased tracking devices to be placed on Bait Bikes.   These "Bait Bikes" will be placed around campus.  Police are notified when a Bait Bike has been moved and officers are able to track the location of the stolen bicycle.  Penalties for stealing a bicycle range from fines of $421.00 to criminal penalties that may result in jail time.

In addition to the tracking devices, the UW Eau Claire Police Department is distributing stickers andBait bike decal pamphlets explaining the program.  The "This Could Be a Bait Bike" sticker will be offered for riders to place on their bicycles to act as a deterrent to potential bike thieves.

If you are interested in getting a Bait Bike sticker for your bicycle, they can be obtained free of charge from the following locations:

UW-Eau Claire Police Department (119 Crest Wellness Center)
UW-Eau Claire Housing and Residence Life Office (1st floor of Towers Hall)
UW-Eau Claire Parking Office (106 Schneider Hall)

To learn how to protect your bicycle from potential theft, please follow this link.