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John Stupak

John pouring liquid nitrogen under cloud chamber      Senior Instrumentation Specialist
      Department of Physics and Astronomy

      Office: 234 Phillips Science Hall
      Phone: (715) 836-3196

Hi! I came here as a student in the Spring of 1992 and finished up my college degree work that I started way back in 1970. Of course, hardly anything transferred from those days gone by, so I had to back up and "refresh" myself on a number of topics. After sampling various degree offerings and experimenting with various paths to said degree, I fell in love with Mathematics and Physics. So, with the help of some great instructors and fellow students who were willing to "help out the old guy", I graduated from UWEC in May, 1997.

I started work here in July, 1997 as the Physics Department's "Instrumentation Specialist". Now, this is one fun job! I not only get to look after (repair, replace, develop) the equipment that is utilized in the teaching labs, but I also get to play with our array of telescopes in the Casey Observatory on the roof of Phillips Hall and the large telescopes at Hobbs Observatory out in Fall Creek. In addition, I oversee and manage the computers that are utilized in the Physics labs and research areas.

Included in my job responsibilities is the privilege to work with faculty members and students on research projects that range from fluid dynamics to material science (nanotechnology), from acoustics to icicle formation, from asteroid rotation to atmospheric science. These projects are stimulating endeavors that add challenge and collegiality to my day, and I appreciate each and every one.

The icing on the cake is that I teach 2 sections of 1st and/or 2nd semester physics labs each term. This gives me an opportunity to see first hand how the lab write-ups and equipment are utilized by the faculty/students and allows me to make better judgments on technique and procedure when revising or updating the labs.