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Dr. Seth King

Profile: Dr. Seth King

Current Position:

Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, UW – La Crosse
I instruct introductory and advanced physics classes as well as conduct research focusing on the development of new oxide materials for solar cells, touch screens, and flat panel displays.

Educational Background:

B.S. Physics, UWEC, 2003
Ph.D. Physics, UW – Milwaukee, 2009

The quality of instruction that UWEC physics majors receive in their core courses such as quantum mechanics, electricity and magnetism, classical mechanics, and thermal physics, means that a UWEC physics graduate has the tools to move directly into the rigors of graduate studies.  Furthermore, as an experimental physicist, I found that the hands on knowledge of basic machining, experimental design, and equipment troubleshooting learned in advanced laboratory and electric circuits prepared me to function in the unpredictable world of a research laboratory.
While my classroom preparation for graduate studies was excellent, it was the ease of access to research that truly prepared me for success in my field.  At UWEC I explored areas of research ranging from planetary science to condensed matter physics.  Learning how to develop and ask a scientific question, answering this question, and interpreting and presenting the results are important career skills that can only be gained through experience and practice.


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