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UW-Eau Claire Career Services:
The local resource for career planning, internships, and career placement. If you are looking to make a decision about your future - your major, your career, additional education, or your job search, you need to know what this office can do for you.
What do Physics majors from UW-Eau Claire do?

Research Experiences for Undergraduates:
This is an extensive listing of summer research internships at universities across the country.  They have sub-headings in physics, general materials research, astronomical sciences, materials research at national facilities, and materials research at science and engineering centers.  They also have a diverse range of other areas that you can explore:  engineering, atmospheric sciences, biological sciences, chemistry, computer science, earth science, math science, and ocean science.

NASA Ames Student Programs:
Ames offers many employment, internship, and research opportunities to high school, university, and graduate students. As a student employee at Ames, you will have the unparalleled opportunity to work side-by-side with a cadre of innovative and imaginative NASA professionals. Come join us in expanding the boundaries of air and space.

Engineers Without Borders Internships:
The Engineers Without Borders Internship program is designed to offer opportunities for students to get involved in the application of appropriate technology in the developing world.

AT&T Student Relations:
Throughout the year, we create new positions for new grads and current students in our Internships and Development Programs.

Research at IBM:
IBM Research offers a broad range of student programs, including a variety of challenging summer positions in laboratories around the world.

Government Science Internships:

US DOE Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships:
This program places students in paid internships in Science and Engineering at any of several Department of Energy facilities:  Ames, Argonne, Brookhaven, Fermi, Lawrence Berkeley, Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos, National Energy Technology, National Renewable Energy, Oak Ridge, Pacific Northwest, Princeton Plasma Physics, SLAC, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator,

SURFing the Physics Laboratory at National Institute of Standards & Technology:
A 12-week Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship program providing hands-on research experience in Atomic, Molecular, Optical, Radiation, and Chemical Physics.

Los Alamos National Lab:
This link describes the undergraduate student opportunities at Los Alamos.

National Radio Astronomy Observatory:
For over forty years, the NRAO has conducted a summer student research program in which the student works closely with an NRAO mentor on a research project.


Graduate School Information
This listing is a service of the American Institute of Physics.  It is a great site for exploring your graduate school options.


Employment Information: Physics

If you're a scientist or engineer seeking employment, check out our many valuable services.  You can access job listings, discover a listing of upcoming Employment Centers, and more.  We'll help show off your talents to some of the world's most prestigious high-tech firms and universities.

Employment Information:  Engineering

These links provide job search services for engineers looking for jobs.