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George & Jeri Rossman, Phy Sci

AMOUNT: One award at $1,000

Available: Available

This is an interdisciplinary, merit-based scholarship fund that was created to support undergraduate students in the physical or biological sciences. The scholarship can also be used to support undergraduate researchers chosen on the basic of academic merit and research aptitude. The recipient must be a declared major in one of the academic disciplines of biology, chemistry, geography, geology or physics and astronomy.
The chair of each department should make sure the scholarship opportunity is announced to their majors by mid-February. Application forms should be made available (in the department office, sent via e-mail, on the web, etc.).
Application form must be returned to the departmental office of the student’s major by the third Friday in March.
The Chair of each department will select a finalist (based on the eligibility criteria above) from all of the applications received in their department. The A&S Dean’s Office will be notified of the finalist from each department by April 1st (a copy of the finalist’s application form should be forwarded to the Dean’s Office). A packet of departmental finalists’ applications (one from each department) should be sent to each of the Chair’s for final ranking. The College of Arts and Sciences Scholarship Committee (which will be composed of the Chairs of the Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Geology and Physics and Astronomy Departments and chaired by the Dean of Arts and Sciences or the Dean’s designee) will meet in early April to select the overall finalist for the award.
Early April. The announcement of the recipient should coincide with UWEC’s Honors Week. The recipient should be recognized at the Honors Week event of the department of their major.
The Dean will notify the recipient by letter and complete and submit a “Scholarship Award Form” to the Financial Aid Office.
A thank-you note should be send to George Rossman in care of the UW-Eau Claire Foundation, Schofield Hall 214.