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R.A. Fischer, Math/Science

AMOUNT: One award at $1,000


Incoming freshmen from Winter High School declaring any non-music major are to be given priority over ALL other applicants. If multiple freshmen from Winter apply, those majoring in mathematics, computer science, chemistry, physics or biology would be given preference. If there is no incoming freshman from Winter High School that qualifies, the recipient should be a sophomore or above and have graduated from high school in the NORTHWEST part of Wisconsin (north of Hwy 8 and west of Hwy 13) with special consideration to a Winter High School graduate. This scholarship is renewable if the recipient maintains a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above. Non-traditional students and those with financial need also have additional preference.
In late January or early February, the College of Arts & Sciences Dean’s Office will request a list of possible candidates from the Registrar’s office. The Chair of the A&S Dean’s Office will send a letter and an application form, by February 15th inviting each of these students to apply for this scholarship.

Completed application forms are due by the third Friday in March and should be returned to the Chair’s office of the student’s major department (mathematics, computer science, chemistry, physics, or biology).

The Chair of each department will select up to two finalists (based on the eligibility criteria above) from all of the applications received in their department. The Dean’s Offices will be notified of the finalists from each department by April 1st (a copy of the finalists’ application forms should be forwarded to the Dean’s Offices). A packet of departmental finalists’ applications (up to two from each department) should be sent to each of the Chairs for final ranking. The College of Arts & Sciences Scholarship Committee (which will be composed of the Dean, or Dean’s designee, and the Chairs of all of the departments involved – mathematics, computer science, chemistry, physics, and biology) will meet in early April to select the top candidates. In the case that there are two candidates who both meet the scholarship criteria, it is suggested that the Fischers be contacted before the final selection is made to determine if funding can be provided for both individuals.

Early April. The announcement of the recipient should coincide with UWEC’s Honors Week. The recipient should be recognized at the Honors Week event of the department of their major.

An award letter will be sent to the recipient by the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Once selection is complete, the Dean should also notify Richard and Barbara Fischer about the scholarship recipient. The Dean will also complete and submit a “Scholarship Award Form” to the Financial Aid Office.
The recipient should send a letter of appreciation to Richard Fischer in care of the Foundation Office, Schofield 214.