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Semester Schedule for UWEC "Well-Prepared" Student

Well prepared = student starts in MATH 114 & PHYS 231
FC = Foreign Culture
CD = Cultural Diversity

Fall 1st Year
Spring 1st Year
PHYS 231 (GE II, lab) 5 cr   PHYS 232 (GE II, lab) 5 cr
MATH 114 (Math Req.) 4 cr   MATH 215 4 cr
ENG 110 5 cr   GE III (FC,or CD; 100 level) 3 cr
Wellness Req. (Phys ED, Kins.) 2 cr   CS 163 (GE IB) 3 cr

TOTAL 16 cr   TOTAL 15 cr (31 overall)
 Fall 2nd Year
 Spring 2nd Year
PHYS 332 3 cr   MATH 312 4cr
MATH 216 4 cr   GE IV (FC,or CD; 100 level) 3 cr
CHEM 103 (GE II, lab) 5 cr   GE IV (FC, or CD; 100 or 200 level) 3 cr
GE IA (CJ 202) 3 cr   GE III (FC, or CD; 300 level) 3 cr
      Wellness Theory and Fitness 2 cr

TOTAL 15 cr (46 overall)   TOTAL 15 cr (61overall)
Fall 3rd Year
Spring 3rd Year
PHYS 350 4 cr   MATH 354 4 cr
MATH 255 3 cr   PHYS 340 4 cr
GE III (FC, or CD; 300 level) 3 cr   MATH 256 3 cr
MATH 345 4 cr   GE IV (FC, or CD; 300 level) 3 cr
PHYS 485 1 cr      

TOTAL 15 (75 overall)   TOTAL 14 (89 overall)

PHYS 485 1cr Student must satisfy this by our criteria or an engineering internship through UW-Madison's or
U Minn-Twin Cities' internship program. Students must come back to UWEC to give a seminar and take the assessment exam and have an exit interview with the Department Chair.

The additional credits needed to satisfy the 36 credit minimum for the UWEC Physics major can be satisfied by courses that transfer as 300 level or above UWEC major courses or electives. 300 level or above Engineering courses will be considered individually as 300 level physics electives by the UWEC Physics Deptartment Chair.

Students should try to satisfy the Service Learning Requirement while at UW-Eau Claire.

Students should also complete the Cultural Diversity and Foreign Culture requirements while at UW-Eau Claire

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