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Dual Degree Requirements

Dual Degree Students must satisfy the Liberal Arts Physics Major / Dual Degree Emphasis requirements as listed below from the UW-Eau Claire Course Catalog as well as the University and College of Arts & Sciences requirements.

Dual Degree Engineering Emphasis (Code 230-206 This emphasis combines the benefits of a traditional physics degree
with those of a formal engineering education. In this program students
receive a UW-Eau Claire physics degree in conjunction with a bachelors
degree in engineering from either the UW-Madison College of
Engineering or the University of Minnesota Institute of Technology.
The Dual Degree Engineering Emphasis requires 36 credits of physics
coursework including Physics 231, 232, 332, 340, 350, and either 365
or both Math 255 and 256* (option depends on engineering program),> computer science course (appropriate course depends on engineering
program) and Math 312. The remaining Physics credits are to be selected
from any physics course above 325. However, up to four of the remaining
credits can be selected from Phys 226, 229, and Phys/MSCI 301-307.
To receive the UW-Eau Claire Dual Degree Engineering Emphasis physics
degree the student must complete an engineering degree from one of
the above schools. Students will typically complete most of the UW-Eau
Claire General Education and Dual Degree physics requirements while
at UW-Eau Claire before transferring to the engineering school. Students
must complete 84 semester credits before transferring to the engineering
school, 56 of which must be taken in residency at UW-Eau Claire, with a
minimum of 12 upper-division credits of physics and a minimum of six
credits of mathematics taken at UW-Eau Claire.
NOTE 1: The UW-Eau Claire physics degree will not be awarded until an official
copy of the student's engineering degree has been sent to UW-Eau Claire's Registrar's
Office. If the engineering degree is not completed, then students must
satisfy all of the requirements for another degree program at UW-Eau Claire.
*NOTE 2: Math 255 and 256 together count for four semester credits of physics
Note: Math 255 and Math 256 together count for 4 semester credits of physics course work.

PHYS 231 1st semester University Physics 5 cr  
PHYS 232 2nd semester University Physics 5 cr (10 cr)
PHYS 332 3rd semester University Physics 3 cr (13 cr)
PHYS 340 Optics 4 cr (17 cr)
PHYS 350 Electric Circuits 4 cr (21 cr)
PHYS 365
Theoretical Mechanics or MATH 255 & MATH 256 (3 cr each) 4 cr (25 cr


Upper level Physics & Astronomy courses and/or 300 or above Engineering courses approved for UWEC Physics Electives
(11 cr)

Total credits of required courses      
( 36 cr )

Additional Requirements: Calculus through MATH 312 (Differential Equations + Linear Algebra), CS 163 (C++ Computer Programming only for some programs), CHEM 103 (1st semester General Chemistry) or CHEM115 (Chemical Principles)