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Physics and Engineering Dual Degree

Get the best of two disciplines with the Physics and Engineering Dual Degree Program

In this program students receive a UW- Eau Claire physics degree in conjunction with a bachelors degree in engineering from either the UW-Madison College of Engineering or the University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering. Students will spend approximately 3 years at UW-Eau Claire and 2 years at their Engineering School.

The dual degreeDual Degree Program prepares students
to be problems solvers,
think outside the box

When you start your dual degree program at UW-Eau Claire, you'll find small classes led by talented professors who know your name. You'll work alongside faculty outside class, conducting research, publishing scholarly articles or just sharing ideas.

The program is designed to provide maximum flexibility for students to refine and change their professional focus and goals as they progress through the course sequence.



watson   "The broad base in physics complements my engineering studies. It's an important benefit of the program since it will show prospective employers that I have a general physics background outside of my focused field of engineering."

--Jonathan Watson, Junior, Dual Degree Program major      
UW-Eau Claire   2001 

2006: John was accepted to graduate school at MIT,

2008: John graduated with a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT.