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John T Carroll Pre-Engineering


$1,500 Total




Open to all students currently declared as pre- engineering or physics majors and plan to continue in either these fields at UW-Eau Claire or some other university. He/she must have a minimum GPA of A- over the first two semesters of introductory calculus-based physics (PHYS 231/232) and not repeated either semester of the course.
No application is required. All students meeting the above criteria will be considered at the time they complete PHYS 232 in the calendar year prior to January 1.
Transcripts of all the students meeting the criteria will be presented to a committee of those instructors who have taught the introductory calculus-based physics courses during the past two semesters. This committee will meet in February upon call by the Department Chair, who will appoint one instructor as Committee Chair. In addition to the grades earned by a student in PHYS 231/232, the one with the highest Physics grades will be awarded the scholarship. In the event of ties based on the above criteria, the committee will consider the student’s achievement in courses other than physics, and the candidate with the highest GPA will be awarded the scholarship.

Prior to March 15

The Committee will notify the Department Chair of the recipient. The Chair will notify the recipient by letter by March 15 and complete and submit a “Scholarship Award Form” to the Financial Aid office. The award will be announced at the Honors Banquet or Sigma Pi Sigma Banquet.
Recipient should write a letter of thanks and forward it to the Foundation Office, S-214.
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