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About Us

Physics Majors

The Physics & Astronomy Department is part of the College of Arts & Sciences, which provides the liberal arts foundation on which a university education rests.  The physics curriculum is based on a nationally recommended program with an emphasis on advanced laboratory work in optics and electronics.  Our classes are small and our faculty members are readily available.

Introductory courses in the major typically have about 35 students and advanced courses have around 15. Professors teach all of our courses and labs.  Our faculty of 12 is large enough to provide a variety of programs and interests, and small enough to create a sense of community and give individual attention. Doing a research project with a faculty member is part of the curriculum and more extensive research opportunities are available.  Facilities include modern labs in surface science and optics, an observatory equipped with a 24-inch diameter telescope and CCD camera, and computer workstations. Publications in a variety of scientific journals by faculty regularly include undergraduate students as co-authors.