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Dorm Lottery

Parking for residence hall students is limited and

permits are granted by lottery.parking permit sign

The 2013-2014 parking lotteries for returning students and freshmen/transfer students is over. Email notifications were sent to all winners. 

Students were not selected in the lottery may be eligible for a permit through the Need Based Application (pdf)

Need based permits are intended for students who have an off-campus job, medical need, student teaching, etc. If an off-campus situation qualifies, the application process and documentation must be submitted to the Parking and Transportation Office. All requests will be evaluated and permits will be assigned according to the need and until the supply is exhausted.

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire is a self-contained unit with classrooms, libraries, recreational areas, food services, etc., all within walking distance. It is an environment where most individuals do not need transportation. Consequently, we recommend that students do not bring vehicles, unless off-campus employment dictates a need.

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