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Bikes, Mopeds, Motorcycles


To ensure the safety of pedestrians and riders the UW System and UWEC have developed rules and regulations for the proper parking of bicycles, mopeds, and motorcycles. The increased popularity of these forms of transportation has created this need. For your benefit please read the following rules and regulations for bicycles, mopeds, and motorcycles.


Rules and Regulations:

  • Bicycles may only park in designated areas located around campus. To prevent theft, please lock your bicycle.
  • Permits are not required.
  • Parking in non-designated areas (railings, sign posts, buildings, trees, etc.) will result in a $5 ticket and a Parking Office lock on the bicycle.
  • Bicycles left locked for seven days will be impounded.
  • Locks will only be released by Parking personnel (SSS 106) during regular office hours of 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday.


To replace the temporary loss of motorcycle parking in the Schneider lot, additional motorcycle stalls will be available at the east end of the Phillips lot. Lower-campus motorcycle parking also is available in the Putnam lot, the metered lot directly north of Hibbard Hall and the new HFA lot. Moped stalls on lower campus will be available near Phillips, Hibbard, Schofield and Putnam halls and near the Haas Fine Arts Center on Water St. (See a campus map for specific motorcycle and moped parking areas.)  

To replace permanent bicycle racks removed for construction of the Education Building, temporary racks will be placed on the south side of Schneider Hall. Bicyclists are encouraged to use other available parking locations, including below McIntyre Library and north of Schofield Hall.

Bike Rack Locations

For additional information please refer to:


Permits are required and available for purchase all year long. Mopeds must be walked on sidewalks and parked in  the designated moped pads located in the following areas.

Sutherland Hall, East end of Chancellors Hall, Southeast end of Phillips Hall, North side of Putnam Hall, Southeast end of Governors, Towers South, McPhee (by main enterance), Hibbard Hall, Schneider, Schofield (by library), Haas Fine Arts (north of building), and HSS (Human Sciences and Services) lot (northwest corner of lot).


Permits are required and available for purchase all year long.  Designated parking spaces are provided within the following campus lots. Governors, Haas Fine Arts, Hibbard Handicap, McPhee, Phillips, Putnam and Towers.

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