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Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

Will I be with my student at any time during Orientation?

The parent and student schedules do overlap in the beginning, 8-9 a.m., during lunch, 12-1 p.m., and much of the afternoon.  During your student's advising and registration time, we respectfully ask parents to allow their students to meet with their adviser and to register on their own.

How can I obtain my student's grades?

The University is prohibited from releasing student records to a third party, without that student's written consent.  FERPA (the Family Educational Rights adn Privacy Act) will be explained in more detail during Orientation.  Open communication with your student is the best way to know how the student is doing.

Where can I obtain records or proof of full time enrollment for health insurance purposes and G.P.A. for "good student discount" on auto insurance?

The Registrar's Office Schofield 128, verifies all student enrollmet and G.P.A.  Have your student bring the form found on their website in for signatures.

What health services are offered at UWEC? 

During Orientation, you will be provided with the services offered and have the opportunity to visit the Student Health Service office. The services provided are also listed on the above link to Health Services. The Orientation schedule includes a Student Services Panel, with health care representatives available for questions.

How do I change my mailing address?  Can mailings be sent to a second address if both parents live at separate addresses?

Your student will be asked for current address information at Orientation. After that the student can change local, permanent, and emergency addresses on-line at Registration Services. If you link to Parents and Families from our homepage, you will find a timeline of mailings that go to one home address. Unfortunately, only one address can be accommodated. Using the timeline, the student can request a duplicate copy be sent to another parent.

What does UWEC do to help my student with career planning and decision making? How can I help in that process?

Students have a number of resources available. The Academic Advising office assists undeclared/undecided students with academic decision-making and choice of major. Career Services offers help with career assessment and exploration. Students can attend workshops/seminars, receive advising/counseling in one on one settings, or do individual research in the Career Discovery Center. These offices are conveniently located next to each other in Schofield 226. Students should also be encouraged to seek out information/knowledge from UWEC faculty.

Career Services-Family Members provides information. Encouragement is one of the best ways to help. Little reminders of the services available is a good way to be involved. Helping your student understand that although this time may be stressful. It is also a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore endless possibilities. Pass on a little “pressure-less” enthusiasm for this process!

Does the University allow a freshman to bring a car on campus?

Parking for students living in the residence halls is extremely limited. Because of the availability of a free bus system, students rarely need to bring a car to campus. Permits are distributed by lottery only. Information will be sent in June with the student’s room assignment. Parking and Transportation has information regarding the free bus service on their website.

How can I find out about safety at UWEC? Is an escort service available?

The University Police will be part of the Student Services Panel at Orientation. For specific statistics, see the Office of University Police and “Your Right to Know", a document made available at Orientation and online through the Dean of Students. This document will also provide you with information about UWEC Resident Escort Shuttle Service (RESS.).

Should students bring a computer to campus with them? Is there assistance for computer problems?

Students will have 24 hour access to residence hall computer labs, including laser printers. They need only supply their own paper. Most campus buildings also contain computer labs with generous availability. While it is not necessary to bring a computer, many students prefer having one in their room. Information on computer services in the residence halls is available at Housing and Residence Life Computer Support.

LTS Help Desk is available to assist with specific computer questions in the campus labs. There will be more information available during Orientation on this topic.

How many hours (if any) should my student work while they are going to college?

While it is difficult to assess financial need for each individual student, there is research that suggests an ideal of no more than 15 hours per week for students going to school full time. This varies by individual and should be discussed by the family. Prioritizing how a student’s time and energy is spent is a topic all students should discuss with their parents.

Will my student be able to purchase textbooks at Orientation? If not, when will they be available?

Textbooks are available for rental and purchase in August in the University Bookstore. Students can reserve their rental books and buy books at  Most students will rent or purchase any necessary books after they move in in the fall.