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Preparing for Course Registration

During Orientation, you will work with an adviser to select your courses for fall semester. Doing a little advanced preparation will help make the process go more smoothly.

"Reviewing the online prep for orientation was a huge help.  We went through it the night before and I believe we all (son & husband) got a lot more out of orientation thanks to that and my son had a much better understanding of what kinds of classes he'd be signing up for etc."
- Response from the parent of an incoming freshmen

STEP ONE:  Learn our degree requirements by either watching three short videos or walking through a PowerPoint.


Structure of the University 

University Requirements

GE Requirements



STEP TWO:  Check out our lists of GE Courses  (These courses may not all be available every semester (or when you register) but they give you an idea of the types of courses fulfill each GE category.)    You can also check out the course descriptions for the Freshmen level courses. 

GE Lower
Course Descriptions Freshmen Level Courses

Introduction to advising

STEP THREE:  Choose a major or two you are interested in and explore the department websites, introductory advising sheets and catalog information found here.

STEP FOUR: Note the related links on the left side of this page for other places you can find more helpful information.