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Phase I Dates - Summer 2013

Placement Testing Dates*
Orientation Dates
Monday, June 10
Monday, June 10
Tuesday, June 11
Tuesday, June 11 Wednesday, June 12
Wednesday, June 12 Thursday, June 13
 Thursday, June 13
Friday, June 14
Monday, June 17
Monday, June 17 Tuesday, June 18
Tuesday, June 18 Wednesday, June 19
Wednesday, June 19 Thursday, June 20
Thursday, June 20 Friday, June 21
Monday, June 24
Monday, June 24 Tuesday, June 25
Tuesday, June 25
Wednesday, June 26
Wednesday, June 26
Thursday, June 27
 Thursday, June 27 Friday, June 28
Sunday, August 18 Monday, August 19

*For students who are unable to test during Regional Placement Testing in March or April.
You are not required to register for the Placement Tests, you can just show up.

Information about Orientation for new freshmen will be sent out in late March. The web-based reservation system will be open in early April. If you are interested in coordinating your Freshmen Orientation with the Leadership Institute, please visit: for Leadership Institute program dates. All reservations for both the Leadership Institute and Freshmen Orientation will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is your responsibility to sign up for both early enough to assure such coordination.