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Other Questions You May Have

Meal Plans

Please visit the University Centers webpage for the accurate information on meal plans.

Res Halls

When do I find out about my roommate?
Students are notified of their roommate placement over the summer. At this point, it is suggested that you phone your roommate and figure out who is going to bring what for the room. It is always important that students make a phone call – or if possible, a one-on-one meeting – to get to know each other because many misconceptions and misunderstandings start with social networking sites and email conversations.

What appliances are allowed in the resident halls?
Microwaves and fridges are allowed in the resident halls. Toasters and mini grills are not allowed in the resident halls. For more information on what students usually bring, check out

What if I am placed in an overflow room for the fall semester?
If you are placed in an overflow room for the fall, don't worry. The overflow rooms are designed to be exactly like a regular resident hall room, they just hold more people. A typical resident hall room will hold two residents while an overflow room can hold 4-5 residents. Overflow rooms are placed at the end of the hallway so residents can still interact with other residents of the wing.

What if I am placed in a hotel for the fall semester?
If you are placed in a hotel for the fall, don't worry. The hotels are designed to have the same feel as a resident hall. Hotels will have an RA as well as other residents around you so you can still meet other new freshmen. Further, your hotel room will be cleaned at least once a week, you will have access to a pool/hot tub, and you will have transportation services to and from the dining halls and academic buildings. Lastly, as spots open in the resident halls Housing will take people from the hotels to fill those open spots

Financial Aid

When do I hear about my Financial Aid?
Students are notified of their Financial Aid status as early as March. If students have specific questions concerning the timetable of being notified of their Financial Aid, feel free to contact the Financial Aid office at 715-836-3373 or go to

Getting involved

How do I get involved on campus?
There are many ways to get involved on campus. One of the most common ways to get involved is to join a campus organization. You can check out the individual organizations in September during the Blugold Organization Bash (BOB) where you can talk with individuals from the organizations and leave your contact information or online at

Job opportunities

Are there employment opportunities on campus?
Many offices and departments hire student workers, and it never hurts to ask about these opportunities. On campus jobs have the benefits of having an easily accessible location and a greater flexibility with students' study time commitments. They also provide great networking opportunities since students work closely with university professionals. However, many (but not all) of these jobs pay students through work and require students to be granted a work study award in their financial aid. The best way to learn about on-campus and off-campus jobs is to check out our online job board which can be found at

When can I apply for on-campus jobs?
You can apply for jobs anytime; however, the majority of job postings occur just before the beginning of a new semester.


How do I get a parking permit?
In order to receive a parking permit, students need to apply. They can fill out the application included in the Housing and Residence Life mailing in early June. Students first need to enter the lottery system for a parking permit. Students are usually notified whether they will be receiving a permit or not by early August. For more information on permits, visit

How do I get around campus?
Students choose a variety of ways to get around campus. The most common is walking to and from classes. In addition, many students choose to bring a bike and lock it up at any of our on-campus bike rack locations. Other students may rollerblade or skateboard around campus, but remember that students are responsible for locking up and protecting their property. There is also the Stein Boulevard bus route which stops at Hibbard Humanities Hall on lower campus, by Towers residence hall on upper campus, and at the Plaza.

How do I get around Eau Claire without a car?
UW-Eau Claire offers a free partnership with the city bus system. This means that UW-Eau Claire students can ride any of the city buses at no cost using their Blugold cards. The buses will take students to and from the mall, Target, football games, and even up the hill. For bus stops and schedule information, go to

Getting books

Are the books included in tuition or do we pay for them separately?
The majority of textbooks fall into the textbook rental system, but you may have to purchase some materials such as other books required for the class besides the textbook, lab or solution manuals, or an iclicker. Any materials that you do need to purchase can be found with the bookstore at with other providers. Most providers (including the bookstore) allow you to sell back purchased materials at the end of the semester for a reduced amount. For more about renting or buying textbooks, check out the Bookstore's page online at

How do I know which books I need?
You will not know which books you need until you are registered in your classes. At Orientation, we are more than happy to help you find and print your textbook summary after you have finalized your schedule. However, you can check your textbook summary online any time after you have registered by going to My Blugold CampS, Class Schedule, and the View Textbook Summary link at the top of the page.


What do I do if I forgot my username or password?
At Orientation, you will use the username and password you used to sign-up for a date and check your email to log onto our computers and register for classes. The username is also used for your UW-Eau Claire email account (i.e.

If you forgot your username, you can find it in the orientation mailing with the small envelop with a blue card inside. It is on the front of the envelop and resembles the first 6 digits of your last name followed by your first initial and your middle initial. At Orientation, we will have your assigned username readily available to you if you forgot it.

If you have forgotten your password, you can go to to reset it to the default setting. To reset it, you will need to enter your username, your student i.d. number (aka Blugold card number), and your PIN. Your PIN is a 4-digit number you received on a blue card in one of your Orientation mailings. The default password will be reset to uwec?#### (#### = your PIN). We suggest that you then immediately change your password using the same webpage.

What do I do if I forgot/lost my PIN?
You can contact either the Orientation or Registrar's offices and they will send you another copy of your PIN number through US mail. In addition, you can get your PIN number at Orientation when you are in the registration center. Don't worry if you don't have your PIN number ahead of time because it is easy to look up when you arrive for Orientation.

Is there wireless on campus?
Yes! All of lower campus is wireless and all residence halls have access to the
UWECreshall wireless network. If students don't have wireless capabilities on their computers, they can purchase Ethernet cables at the front desks of their respective resident halls.

Should students bring a laptop or desktop computer to college?

That depends on what the student is looking to get out of having a computer while at college. If they want portability with a computer (and many students do), students choose to have a laptop so they can take it to class, study outside, etc. If students just want a computer for their resident hall room, some students choose to have a desktop. Think about what you will be using your computer for and then decide from that. For tips on buying a computer, check out the technology Helpdesk's tips by going to

Do I need a computer at college?
No, but it is more convenient. If students don't want to spend the money to purchase a computer they don't have to. UW-Eau Claire offers many computer labs on campus – including at least one in every residence hall – so students can do all of their work there. The student-computer ratio is currently 11:1 so there are lots of opportunities for finding an open computer on campus.

What if I am a WI Covenant Scholar?
If you are a WI Covenant Scholar we have many exciting opportunities for you here at UW-Eau Claire. The WI Covenant program includes: activities to help ease the transition to college, fun social and cultural events, financial literacy opportunities, community service experiences, and electronic communications and updates. This past year the Scholars got to attend a free movie night, learn more about studying abroad, and attended an A Cappella performance by the Innocent Men on campus.