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Orientation FAQ's


What can I do to prepare for Orientation?
The easiest way to prepare is to go to the Orientation Web page and follow the link for new freshman marked "Preparing for Orientation."  There you will find a vast amount of information:
  • An online tutorial that explains the degree requirements.
  • The Introductory Advising Guides for each major.
  • The UW-Eau Claire online catalog.
  • A list of courses available to freshman.
  • Links to many other Web pages.

Please do not plan a specific fall schedule before attending Orientation.  Fall class registration is completed on a first-come, first-served basis.

What date should I pick?
Check your schedule and that of your parents/guests carefully.  If you need to change your date, you will almost certainly get a later one.  Make certain that you can stay until 4:30pm on the date you choose.  Courses for fall are filled on a "first-come, first-served" basis.  While we monitor course availability closely and add sections when needed, some classes will close as Orientation progresses.  Remember to choose a session with placement tests offered the day before if you need to take them.

What if I have to change my date?
You can change your date through the Web reservation system until mid May.  After that,  you will need to call 716-836-5053.

What if I cannot come during the summer?
You are required to attend Orientation.   A comparable Orientation program will be held in August.  Placement testing for this session will be held on the day before.

What if the major listed is no longer the major I want?
The major we have listed for you will appear on the reservation system.  If this is not the major you want, you may change it.  If you have not decided on a major, that's fine.  Choose "undeclared."  You will be assigned an advising group at Orientation based on your major, so it is important that this is accurate.

What if I have not yet taken placement tests?
We highly recommend you take your placement tests during Regional Placement Testing this spring.  If you don't complete your placement tests during regional testing you can take your tests on campus the day before your orientation session. 

What if the date I want is not listed in the system?
This indicates that the date is full.  You may keep trying to see if a space opens up, but there are no waiting lists.

What if I want to go with a friend?
You will have to coordinate with the friend.  Not all sessions will be open for all majors, so it is best to be communicating with the friend at the time you are registering.

What should I bring to orientation?

  • Your new password if you created one.  It is used to access the Registration System.
  • A sweater (air temperatures in our buildings can vary greatly).
  • An umbrella.
  • Comfortable walking shoes.
  • A sense of humor about the construction going on throughout campus.

What is there to do if I come early?

Many of you will come the day before your orientation date to take placement tests or simply to stay overnight the evening before so you can be well-rested for Orientation the following day. We hope you'll come early and take advantage of some great opportunities.

Each evening, prior to Orientation, we will host a social event in Davies Student Center at 7pm, our Orientation Student Staff will be there each night. This is a great opportunity to begin to get your questions answered, meet other soon-to-be UWEC families, and enjoy some refreshments. We will send more information/details in your confirmation mailing.

Additionally, the City of Eau Claire has many events happening during the summer. You may want to check out http://volume or to find events of interest for you and your family.

What if I want to stay overnight?

If you are looking for a hotel or other overnight accommodations, please visit www.visiteauclaire/hotels.

To get a true residence hall experience, stay in Towers Hall on-campus. Join us in Davies Center for the social, then head to the Towers Front Desk to stay overnight. Towers Hall is a traditional residence hall and advance reservations are not required. You may check-in at any time.

  • ·The fee to stay in Towers Hall is $26.00 per person, per night for a double room ($29.00 for single) and will be added to the student's fall bill.
  • ·Linens, blankets, pillows, wash cloths and towels will be provided.
  • ·Towers Hall is not air conditioned. You may want to bring a fan.
  • ·You may park overnight in the Towers parking lot.
  • ·Towers Hall won't be available August 16-17.