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Student Travel for the Presentation of Research Results 

A. Purpose and Overview:

Travel awards may be made to assist students traveling to national or regional professional meetings in order to present the results of collaborative research and creative activity. These awards will not exceed $700 and are intended to encourage students to submit the results of their research for dissemination at professional meetings. As a condition of the travel grant, students are expected to present their results at the annual UW-Eau Claire Student Research Day, or the UW System Symposium for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity, if they have not presented these findings at one of these venues previously.

B. Eligibility:

UW-Eau Claire students who have documentation of a paper or poster being accepted at a professional meeting and who plan to present their research findings are eligible to apply. If multiple presenters request travel support for a single presentation at a professional meeting, this travel program normally will not support more than two student presenters. If a student plans to present a poster or paper at more than one professional meeting, it is unlikely that any individual will receive more than $1,000 from this program in a single academic year. Faculty co-presenters must seek support through their department. 

C. Writing Guide:

New Online Application Process

The Student Travel for the Presentation of Research Results application will now be processed in the BPLogix eForm system using electronic stamps associated with your university ID as your signature. For more information about BPLogix and instructions, see our Eforms page. Click here to log in to BPLogix using your UW-Eau Claire ID and password.

Initiating the Eform

The student requesting travel must initiate the Student Travel for the Presentation of Research Results form. To start an Eform, select ORSP in the lower left quadrant of BPLogix. Then select Student Travel for the Presentation of Research Results. Fill out the form. Supporting documentation can be uploaded as an attachment to the form. Fill in the names of the individuals in the routing order area at the bottom using the userpicker button. This must be done prior to submitting the application to ensure that those in the routing process have access to the form to approve it.

Submit the application when complete. When you click 'Submit' or ‘Send’, the form will be routed to the next person in the workflow who must approve the form before it is sent to ORSP (e.g., Student Initiator sends to Faculty Mentor, Faculty Mentor sends to Chair, Chair sends to Dean, Dean to ORSP). The initiator should receive an email that confirms the form has been submitted along with a PDF of the form. When first submitting the form, the initiator will receive an email that confirms the form has been submitted along with a PDF of the form. If you do not receive the email or have any questions about this, please contact ORSP or 715-836-3405. NOTE: Any person in the workflow can generate the form to PDF by selecting "Print" at the bottom of the form, and printing to Cute PDF.

If you need to pause before finishing the form, click "Save to Edit Later." The form will remain accessible from the top left quadrant of BPLogix (under MY TASKS). Once you submit the form, it may be tracked, but NOT changed, in the top right quadrant (Running Workflows) while it is being reviewed by others. NOTE: If you keep opening forms from the bottom left quadrant, you will have several duplicate forms. Try to avoid this. You may delete duplicate forms by opening the form and clicking the button at the bottom "Delete Form and Workflow."

The application should consist of:

  • Student Travel for the Presentation of Research Results form
    • Applicants must clearly explain and justify all requested expenses in the budget explanation section of the form.
  • A letter of acceptance (which can be uploaded as an attachment in the form)

If your travel has been funded, click here to complete the remaining requirements for reimbursed travel.

D. Deadline for Application:

There is no set deadline, but application must be made prior to the initiation of travel. No funds will be awarded if the application is received after the travel has occurred. Funds for this program are limited.