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Summer Extramural Grant Development 

This program is suspended due to budget cuts.


A. Purpose and Overview

This program is designed to provide stipend support during the summer for the purpose of developing extramural grant proposals for submission to agencies outside of the University of Wisconsin System. Summer appointments under this program provide $2,000 stipends. Applicants should check with their Department Chairs in the event that an overload needs to be requested if they are also teaching or have an extramural grant during the summer. Modest expenses for student help, travel, and database searches may also be awarded. This grant carries the expectation that a completed proposal will be forwarded to the appropriate funding agency for the first review cycle following the completion of the Extramural Grant Development award.

The UW System also has a grant program with a similar intent; however, this UWS program is currently On Hold. The Release Time Grant program provides $3,500. The resulting grant proposal must be a request for more than $50,000. Application deadline is open. Applicants are encouraged to apply to both programs but may only receive one. NOTE: If you are applying for the UW System Release Time Grant, funding is available by fiscal year on a first come, first serve basis. Click here for the program guidelines and application form.

B. Eligibility

Faculty and academic staff with .5 FTE or greater appointment are eligible to apply if they meet the following criteria: (1) will hold an appointment at UW-Eau Claire during the academic year following the award, (2) have not received a notice of non-renewal, and (3) have complied with all requirements of previous UW-Eau Claire grants/awards. NOTE: Preference may be given to first-time Summer Extramural Grant Development applicants.

C. Writing Guide

The Summer Extramural Grant Development application is processed in BP Logix. Please visit the Using eForms and BP Logix page for a detailed explanation of the eForm system.

The proposal consists of:

  • Summer Extramural Grant Development form.
  • Applicants must clearly explain and justify all requested expenses in the budget explanation section of the form.
  • A Narrative (2-4 page word-processed document attached to BPLogix form, with page numbers) addressing each of the following:
    • Objectives, significance and funding potential of the proposed project.
    • Description of your prior experiences with extramural grants. For example, explain how an SEGD award will help either a) launch your extramural grant-writing activities or b) pursue a new direction, such as a new sponsor or research topic, in extramural funding.
    • Plan and timeline for proposal development and submission. 

D. Deadline for Application

Applications are due by March 2 to the dean (or equivalent).