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Spring Research, Scholarly and Creative Activity 

A. Purpose and Overview:

NOTE: This program is only open in years where additional funds are available for the spring. A call for applications will go out in December or January if funding is available.

A few awards of up to $600 in student stipend funds and $200 in travel or services and supplies will be awarded to faculty-student projects. Preference will be given to new
projects. Stipend funds must be spent by the pay period ending June 16, 2013; travel and services/supplies funds need to be spent by early June. Students who receive awards may present at UW-Eau Claire Student Research Day (or UW System Symposium or approved alternative venue) in either 2013 or 2014, depending on circumstances.

For the general Purpose and Overview, please see the Faculty/Student Research Collaboration page.

B. Eligibility:

Faculty and academic staff with .5 FTE or greater appointments, and UW-Eau Claire students seeking to engage in research or scholarly and creative activity (RSCA) may apply. The proposal may be submitted by any member of the collaborating team. The names of all research collaborators should be included in the proposal, and the proposal should be signed by the faculty or academic staff mentor.

Faculty, academic staff, and undergraduate students engaged in research or other scholarly activities in all disciplines are eligible to apply.

C. Writing Guide:

Spring Research, Scholarly and Creative Activity applications are processed in BP Logix and must be initiated by the graduate student. Please visit the Using eForms and BP Logix page for a detailed explanation of the eForm system. To start an application, a faculty mentor must initiate the Faculty Student Research Collaboration form and select SPRING CALL from the dropdown.

The proposal consists of:

  • ORSP-Faculty-Student Research Collaboration/Summer Research Experiences for Undergrads form
    • Applicants must clearly explain and justify all requested expenses in the budget explanation section of the form.
  • Attached Narrative (no longer than 4 double-spaced pages in a word-processed document with page numbers) should address:
    • Project objectives, significance, and plan (~3 pages)
    • Nature and extent of student and faculty involvement
    • Plan for dissemination of the results
    • References cited

Student Job Classifications are determined by the Office of Financial Aid. Undergraduate students are typically eligible for ‘entry level’ and ‘advanced skill level’ wage rates, and graduate students are eligible for ‘paraprofessional level’ wage rates. Student wage rates that do not conform to this must be justified.

Projects will be evaluated primarily based on the quality of the student research experience proposed. Be sure to clearly specify the role of the student(s) in the project, the nature of the work to be done, and the kind of mentoring that will take place. Preference will be given to new projects.

D. Deadline for Application:

The proposal will be due to the Dean (or equivalent) by January 30. Those seeking summer research support should apply under the Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates program, proposals due Feb. 15. Applicants should obtain signatures of endorsement from their department chair prior to submitting the proposal to their Dean (or equivalent).