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Guest Lecturers, Artists, and Other Professionals

A. Background and Purpose

The program will provide up to $1,200 in cost-share support per funded proposal to bring guest lecturers, artists, and other professionals to campus. The primary aim of this program is to provide professional development for UWEC faculty and academic staff. Guest lecturers should be readily available to faculty and academic staff in the department or unit making the proposal. Although speakers may be brought into specific classes, at least one session must be open to the entire university community. Dollar for dollar matching is not required, but there must be departmental and college or unit matching support for each proposal. Departments are encouraged to propose speaker series requests that cover the entire academic year in a single proposal. These speaker series proposals may request up to $3,600. For conferences with several speakers coming to campus in the same week, $2,000 may be requested.

This program is in addition to the University's long-established Visiting Minority Scholars and Artists Program, a collaboration with the Affirmative Action office.

Internationalize your curriculum with a visit from a Fulbright Scholar! Scholars from throughout the world are awarded Fulbright grants to study and teach in the United States. Through the Fulbright Occasional Lecturer Fund, these scholars can travel to any U.S. campus and share their knowledge, expertise, and cultural perspectives.

B. Eligibility

All University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire faculty and academic staff with at least a .5 FTE appointment during the current academic year who are, or who will be, under contract for the following academic year are eligible to apply for funding from this program. Departments, units, and colleges are expected to contribute support to the cost of the proposed professional development activity, but no specific dollar cost-share amount is required.

Note: This program cannot pay a consultant honorarium to anyone employed in the UW System.

C. Writing Guide


New Online Application Process

The Professional Development (Guest Lectures, Artists, and Other Professionals) application will now be processed in the BPLogix eForm system using electronic stamps associated with your university ID as your signature. For more information about BPLogix and instructions, see our Eforms page. Click here to log in to BPLogix using your UW-Eau Claire ID and password.

Initiating the Eform

The faculty mentor must initiate the Professional Development Form.To start the form, go to the "Start New Form" tab in BPLogix and select ORSP to pull up the list of forms. Fill out the form. The narrative can be uploaded as an attachment to the form. Fill in the names of the individuals in the routing order area at the bottom using the userpicker button. This must be done prior to submitting the application to ensure that those in the routing process have access to the form to approve it.

Submit the application when complete. When you click 'Submit' or ‘Send’, the form will be routed to the next person in the workflow who must approve the form before it is sent to ORSP (e.g., Faculty/Staff Initiator sends to Chair, Chair sends to Dean, Dean to ORSP). The initiator should receive an email that confirms the form has been submitted along with a PDF of the form. When first submitting the form, the initiator will receive an email that confirms the form has been submitted along with a PDF of the form. If you do not receive the email or have any questions about this, please contact ORSP or 715-836-3405. NOTE: Any person in the workflow can generate the form to PDF by selecting "Print" at the bottom of the form, and printing to Cute PDF.

If you need to pause before finishing the form, click "Save to Edit Later." The form will remain accessible from the top left quadrant of BPLogix (under MY TASKS). Once you submit the form, it may be tracked, but NOT changed, in the top right quadrant (Running Workflows) while it is being reviewed by others. NOTE: If you keep opening forms from the bottom left quadrant, you will have several duplicate forms. Try to avoid this. You may delete duplicate forms by opening the form and clicking the button at the bottom "Delete Form and Workflow."

The proposal consists of:

  • Professional Development Form (Select 'Guest Lectures, Artists, and Other Professionals' in the form)
    • Applicants must clearly explain and justify all requested expenses in the budget explanation section of the form
  • A Narrative (2 to 4 pages in a word-processed document) addressing each of the following:
    • Objectives
    • Information on the proposed visitor and event
    • Explanation of how the visit will provide professional development for UW-Eau Claire faculty and/or academic staff
    • Additional target population(s), such as students or community members
    • Plan for publicizing the event 
    • Awards from this program during the past three years

D. Deadline for Application

Submit your proposal to the dean (or equivalent) by the first working day of each month. Proposals must be received by the dean at least six weeks before the proposed event to provide adequate time for committee review. Proposals submitted after the guest’s visit will not be considered.

A decision will be made by the end of the month in which the proposal is submitted. If an opportunity arises that requires funding prior to the next monthly review cycle, please contact the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at 836-3405 to discuss options available.