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Certification of Courses involving Human Subjects Research

If instruction-related research is being performed as part of normal course activities, the instructor must request course certification rather than requiring students to complete individual research protocols for IRB approval. The instructor must submit the IRB Course Certification prior to the initiation of any data collection by students even though said data is intended for instructional purposes only. An instructor SHALL NOT allow student research projects to begin until course certification approval has been received. This form must be submitted every two years by the instructor for each course in which instruction-related research is performed. If more than one instructor teaches a section of the same course, each instructor MUST submit the IRB Course Certification Form.

The submission of this form through appropriate channels will certify to the IRB that the instructor is fully cognizant of the policies of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire regarding the utilization of human subjects in research. Furthermore, the instructor will hereby certify to the IRB that she/he will exercise reasonable and customary instructional supervision in an attempt to ensure that all student research projects will be conducted in compliance with these policies. Faculty and instructional staff who utilize the course certification process are responsible for informing their students about all regulations contained in the Manual of Policies and Procedures for Protecting Human Research Subjects.

Instructors incorporating human subject research in their instruction are required to complete the relevant modules in the human subject online tutorial.

NOTE: All Independent and Directed study projects involving the use of human subjects MUST BE individually approved by the IRB before a student can begin her/his data collection process.

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