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What to Submit to IRB


Please follow the instructions provided to prepare and submit your proposal of research to the IRB. All IRB forms will now be processed in the BPLogix eForm system using electronic stamps associated with your university ID. Thus hard copy forms are no longer utilized.

A complete application for the IRB review and approval will include the following:

  1. Human Subjects Protection Tutorial (IRB Certification)
  2. IRB Electronic Project Application (IRB Initial Form Submission)



Browser compatibility

The eForm system is not currently compatible with Mozilla Firefox, so we recommend that you use a different browser, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Safari.

If on campus, type eform1 in your browser. If you are off-campus, type in Log in with your UW-Eau Claire username and password.

Using the eForm system

Under the Start New Form tab, there is a pull-down menu from which you can access forms that you can start (initiate).

  1. Select ORSP.
  2. If you only plan to take the Human Subjects Protection Tutorial, select IRB Certification Only.
  3. If you plan to complete the tutorial and submit an application for IRB review, select IRB Initial Form Submission (which includes both the tutorial and the IRB form the first time opened).
  4. After the one time certification is completed, the IRB Initial Form Submission will 
    take you directly to the project application.

Human Subjects Protection Tutorial (IRB Certification Only)

As part of the conversion to electronic processing, the UW-Eau Claire IRB is requiring all investigators to complete our newly revised Human Subjects Protection Tutorial (IRB Certification Only). This requirement is independent of any other IRB certifications you may have completed in the past. This process will only need to be completed before you can begin your very first IRB application. For subsequent proposals, you will automatically be permitted to start the IRB Form Submission without repeating the certification.  

The tutorial will take approximately 1-2 hours to complete. Select “Next section,” at the top of the page to move to the next page. To close and save the form for later review, click the button at the bottom of the page, “Save and Close for Later.” The form will remain accessible from the  in BPLogix under MY TASKS).

To delete the form entirely, click the button at the bottom of the page, “Delete Form and Workflow.” If you wish to delete the form, but do not click this button, the form will remain in BPLogix under MY TASKS) waiting for you to take action on it.

In order to fully complete the tutorial and receive a certification, you must answer the three questions correctly at the end of the tutorial (you will have multiple chances to do so in case you incorrectly answer the question). When you have answered all questions correctly, click on the button “Complete Certification” to finish the process. You will then receive an email notifying you that the certification process has been completed, along with an attached PDF of the tutorial.

IRB Initial Form Submission

Once the certification has been completed, you may start the IRB Initial Form Submission. If the form does not already appear on your screen, but you are still in BPLogix, click on the ‘Home’ icon at the top right of the screen to refresh the page. Again, select 'ORSP' under Start New Form, only this time select IRB Initial Form Submission

Fill out the form. For any sections that require a narrative, you may attach documentation instead of pasting text, if you like. The following documents, if applicable, as well as any other supporting documentation, should be attached to the form upon submission:

In BPLogix, the form can only be edited when under an individual's 'My Tasks' tab.  However, there are workarounds in order to share the form with co-investigators for review prior to submission: 

  • The form may be converted to PDF at any time by selecting "Print" at the bottom of the form, and printing to Cute PDF Writer or Adobe PDF. Such PDF files cannot be directly edited without Adobe Acrobat, although comments can be inserted. Final changes to the form will need to be made by the primary investigator (initiator) in BPLogix for submission. 
  • The form may be sent to the next person in the routing order. When the 'Submit' button is clicked, the form will be routed to the next person in the workflow who may edit and must approve the form before it is sent to ORSP (e.g., Student sends to Faculty). The initiator will receive an email that confirms the form has been submitted along with a PDF of the form. The initiator can then share the email and if changes need to be made to the form, the person who currently has access to the form in BPLogix (under 'My Tasks') can either edit most content in the form or return the form to the initiator. 

If you do not receive the email with the attached PDF or have any questions about this, please contact ORSP or 715-836-3405. NOTE: Any person in the workflow who has the form in 'My Tasks' can generate the form to PDF by selecting "Print" at the bottom of the form, and printing to Cute PDF Writer or Adobe PDF.

If you need to pause before finishing the form, click "Save to Edit Later." The form will remain accessible in BPLogix under My Tasks. Once you submit the form, it may be tracked, but NOT changed, under Running Workflows while it is being reviewed by others. NOTE: If you keep opening forms from the 'Start New Form' tab, you will have several duplicate forms. Try to avoid this. You may delete duplicate forms by opening a started form under 'My Tasks' and clicking the button at the bottom "Delete Form and Workflow." 

Project Status Form (Change/Renewal/Termination)

UW-Eau Claire policy requires all principal investigators to notify the IRB immediately of any changes to an approved human subjects protocol. In addition, principal investigators must complete a Project Status Form at least once per year following initial project approval. This form is now live on BPLogix. First, select "Start New Form." Next, select ORSP-->IRB-->Change-->Update Status Form Submission.  In the pull down box at the top of the form, choose type.  

Research in Schools

Proposals involving research in elementary, middle, or secondary schools must also be submitted to the Associate Dean of the College of Education and Human Sciences. Research to be conducted in the Eau Claire Area School District must also be approved through their administrative offices.

IRB Course Certification Form

If instruction related human research is planned as part of normal course activities, the instructor must request course certification must complete the Human Subjects Protection Tutorial (IRB Certification) as well as the IRB Course Certification FormLog in to BPLogix here


Here are some helpful tutorials that may help you navigate through BPLogix:

Other resources are available on the Learning Technology Services website.

If you have further questions about the IRB process, please contact Don Bredle, 715-836-2373. If you have questions about using the eForm system, please contact ORSP, 715-836-3405.

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