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UW-Eau Claire Recognizes
Outstanding Faculty and Staff

 MAILED:  Aug. 26, 2003

EAU CLAIRE — Six University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire faculty and staff members received excellence awards today (Aug. 26) during the opening meeting of the 2003-04 academic year.

Chancellor Donald Mash, UW-Eau Claire Foundation Chairman Larry Weber and Lee Markquart of Eau Claire presented the awards. Recipients received a university medallion and $1,500 from the UW-Eau Claire Foundation in recognition of their commitment to excellence.

Dr. Tamara Lindsey, associate professor of curriculum and instruction, received the Excellence in Teaching Award, which recognizes outstanding ability to inspire students to high standards of scholarship. Alumni select the award recipient.

Lindsey joined UW-Eau Claire’s curriculum and instruction department in 1992. She teaches courses in the areas of diagnosis and remediation of reading problems, reading and language, reading programs, and reading and language arts curriculum.

Lindsey has made numerous international and national presentations about a variety of topics including the art of storytelling, teacher education, literacy, diversity in education and children’s literature. She’s active in regional and national professional organizations and has co-authored a number of grants relating to her areas of interest.

“Tamara Lindsey is totally dedicated to preparing excellent teachers,” said Dr. Susan McIntyre, chair of the curriculum and instruction department. “Students come back from their teaching jobs and say being mentored by Dr. Lindsey prepared them to work effectively with the many diverse students they find in today’s classrooms.”

“Drawing on her abundant intellectual acuity, insightful anecdotes from her many years as an elementary school teacher, and her thigh-slapping humor, Dr. Lindsey challenges her students artfully to weave the impact of theory with the urgency of the real world of schools,” said Katherine Rhoades, associate dean of the School of Education.

Dr. Vicki Snider, professor of special education, received the Excellence in Scholarship Award, which recognizes research, productive and creative work, and professional participation and performance.

Snider, who came to UW-Eau Claire in 1986, is an award-winning teacher who is known for presenting cutting-edge information to her classes on topics related to learning disabilities and more specifically in the area of reading instruction and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

Snider has collaborated with faculty and students on several ADHD research projects, and she has co-authored several peer-reviewed articles on the topic of ADHD. The research and publications were so significant that the projects have been reported to state legislative committees on multiple occasions and have resulted in stories in national media outlets such as the USA Today newspaper.

In addition, Snider has published manuscripts aimed at improving teaching strategies for children in the curricular areas of reading and mathematics.

“Dr. Snider is an award-winning teacher who is also an exemplary scholar who has had a significant positive impact on students, faculty members and the field of education,” one UW-Eau Claire colleague wrote in his letter of support for her award nomination.

Dr. Judy Sims, professor of communication and journalism, is the recipient of the Excellence in Advising Award. The award recognizes effective advising qualities and practices.

Sims, who came to UW-Eau Claire in 1989, teaches a variety of communication classes, including courses in speech, intercultural communication, public speaking, mass media, research methods and television production.

“Dr. Sims has an amazing ability to connect with her students as well as advisees, making them feel comfortable and able to come to her with any questions or concerns,” one student wrote in support of Sims’ nomination for the award. “She frequently reminds advisees that she is available for help any time throughout the semester by way of e-mails and personal contact. This help is not limited to academic issues because Dr. Sims provides mentoring in all aspects of a student’s life.”

Another student wrote, “If there is one person who has made my college career at UW-Eau Claire very enjoyable it is Dr. Sims. She has been extremely helpful when I have had questions, and she has guided me in the right direction each time.”

Dr. Robert Nowlan, associate professor of English, is the recipient of the Excellence in Service Award. The award recognizes activities outside the classroom that promote excellence in education and improve the university’s public image.

Nowlan, who joined UW-Eau Claire’s English department in 1997, has been active in campus and community organizations involving human rights and equality, especially with such groups as the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community; the working class; and ethnic minorities.

“One important aspect of Bob’s service is that it is not possible to draw a line between his service to the campus and his service to the community: The usual town and gown divide does not apply due to the nature of Bob’s service,” one colleague wrote of Nowlan. “Indeed, what makes Bob’s service excellent … is that it builds a bridge between the UW-Eau Claire and Eau Claire communities.”

Nowlan is the adviser to the Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender-Straight Alliance on campus and he founded Equality: UW-Eau Claire Faculty and Staff in Support of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues. Through Nowlan’s leadership, the campus groups helped form the Chippewa Valley Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center.

Nowlan also has been involved with a variety of other campus and community organizations and initiatives including the Peace, Love and Diversity March and Rally; the Progressive Student Association; Eau Claire Faculty and Staff for Peace and Justice; and the Irish Film Festival.

Paula Stuettgen, senior coordinator of student development and programs for University Centers and Programs, received the Administrative and/or Professional Academic Staff Excellence in Performance Award recognizing leadership and dedication as a member of the university’s 200-member non-teaching academic staff.

Stuettgen, who came to UW-Eau Claire in 1977, is responsible for a diverse array of programs and services at UW-Eau Claire, including coordinating of the Community Action and Lifelong Learning Program, advising UW-Eau Claire’s honor societies and social Greek organizations, and co-producing major events and festivals like Homecoming and Parents’ Weekend. She also helped reinvent the Higherground, the social club in Crest Wellness Center.

Stuettgen serves on many campus committees and is involved in numerous professional and community organizations.

“Paula Stuettgen is an intelligent and perceptive person who has distinguished herself at UW-Eau Claire through a combination of unique programs, events and services, seriousness of purpose and diligence in all she undertakes,” a colleague stated in a letter to the selection committee.

The committee said in its written recommendation that Stuettgen deserved the honor because of “the outstanding and steadfast contributions that Paula has made to UW-Eau Claire and the wider Eau Claire community over many years.”

Sue Ann Warden, I.S. program area liaison, senior/student records and data systems specialist in the Registrar’s Office, received the Classified Staff Excellence in Performance Award recognizing outstanding performance by a member of the university’s 425-member classified staff.

A member of the campus community for more than 25 years, Warden coordinates all elements of the Registrar’s computerized systems and provides system analysis.

“Her knowledge and expertise allow the Registrar’s Office to accomplish goals that would be impossible without them,” the nomination committee stated in its letter of recommendation. “Sue Ann provides official leadership for the data systems area of the office, but she also provides unofficial leadership for the entire office by setting an example of professionalism and volunteerism.”

Three of the awards presented are being supported by Lee and Mary Markquart on behalf of Markquart Toyota of Eau Claire. The Markquarts have made a commitment of more than $100,000 to build an endowment that will fund three of the excellence awards in perpetuity and to provide annual funding for these awards while the endowment builds. The three awards supported — the excellence awards for classified and academic staff and the Excellence in Teaching Award for faculty — each recognize one of the university’s employee groups.


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