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Vol. 2, No. 6
Sixth Week
Summer Session
July 15, 2002

Several UW-Eau Claire faculty members, students and recent graduates gave presentations at the Great Lakes Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society June 2-4 in Minneapolis. Following are the participants and presentation titles, with faculty names in bold: Rebecca D. Siemer, Amber D. Zopp and Marcia A. Miller-Rodeberg, "The Catalase/Peroxidase Enzymes From Brevibacterium fuscum"; Nicholas Robertson and Michael J. Carney, "Synthesis and Reactivity of Chromium (III) Complexes Incorporating Bis (2-Pyridylmethyl) Amine and Tris (2-Pyridylmethyl) Amine Ligands"; Scott Hartsel, "Interdepartmental Programs That Work: How to do it All"; Emily Gilles, Jason Van Zanten and Stephen Drucker, "Triplet-State Spectra of Small Organic Molecules"; Tim Scleusner, Westley T. Manske, Philip M. Cannon and Marcus T. McEllistrem, "Structure of GaN Surfaces - The Persistence of Surface Clusters"; Clinton Fenner and Jim Phillips, "Unraveling Substituent and Conformational Effects in the Local Mode O-H Vibrational Spectra of Ethanol and its Singly Halogenated Analogs"; Nathan Wells and Jim Phillips, "Infrared Spectroscopy of Nitrile Donor - Boron Trifluoride Complexes: Further Insight into Structure, Bonding and Medium Effects"; Derek Fox, Heather Moore and Jason Halfen, "Pentacorrdinate Methallothiolate Complexes Relevant to Metalloenzyme Active Sites: Synthesis, Characterization and Alkylation Reactivity."

Counseling Services 
Richard Boyum's article titled “Understanding Stress/Depression” recently was added to the  University of Chicago Student Counseling and Resource Service Virtual Pamphlet Collection. The collection may be viewed online.

Geography and Anthropology 
UW-Eau Claire student Ryan DeChaine earned a first place award in the Jerome Remick III poster competition for his poster titled "Constructing Bison-Eye-View Sheds: Using GIS to Test an Archaeological Hypothesis at the Hokanson Site, Tiger Hills, South Central Manitoba" at the Geological Association of Canada/Mineralogical Association of Canada Annual Meeting May 27-29 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Awards were based on scientific innovation, content and appearance. The poster highlighted results of research conducted with Garry Running and members of the SCAPE (Study of Cultural Adaptations within the Prairie Ecozone) research project.

Political Science 
Mort Sipress (emeritus) and journalists from throughout western Wisconsin will discuss the legislative races in our region during Wisconsin Public Radio's call-in program "The West Side" July 15 from 5 to 6 p.m. The show may be heard on 88.3 FM and 88.7 FM.

UW-Eau Claire professor receive NEH grant 
The National Endowment for the Humanities has notified two UW-Eau Claire professors that their efforts to improve instruction in the humanities and social studies at Augusta Middle/High School will receive support in the form of $100,000 from its Schools for a New Millennium grant program.
     Through the Center for History Teaching and Learning at UW-Eau Claire, Kate Lang, assistant professor of history and project director, is creating an opportunity for Augusta teachers of grades 6-12 to work with staff from the Chippewa Valley Museum and the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, as well as university faculty with expertise in history, art and educational technology. Augusta teachers will develop interdisciplinary, project-based, standards-based units that will engage their students in historical inquiry about their town and will guide them in presenting their research to the community of Augusta.
     According to Lang, the Summer Institute just concluded and teachers have begun work on their curricular projects. "One will look at the history of businesses in Augusta and advertising in Augusta newspapers, and another will study the history of foods and ethnicity in the town," said Lang. "The school librarian has also begun preservation work with paper artifacts."
     As part of this process, students will add an "Augusta wing" to the Virtual Museum of the Chippewa Valley. The virtual museum, created by project co-director Roger Tlusty, professor of foundations of education, is a collection of more than 1000 images of documents, photographs and objects depicting life in the Chippewa Valley that is catalogued in an Internet accessible database maintained at CESA-10.
     Provost and Vice Chancellor Ronald Satz, a former NEH proposal reviewer, said he knows just how competitive these grants are, and is delighted by the news.
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