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Summer Bulletin
  In Brief
Vol. 2, No. 2
Second Week
Summer Session
June 17, 2002

English as a Second Language Conversation and Cuisine  This summer, Continuing Education is hosting more than 70 visitors from Columbia, Mexico, Honduras, Korea and Spain who come to Eau Claire to improve their English skills. You are invited to share your home and culture with an international visitor for an evening or more as part of the "Conversation and Cuisine" program. The first group will be here through July 14; the second group will stay from July 20 to Aug. 18. If you are interested in participating, call Kathy Peterson at 835-2377. See related item, "English Table," in the Calendar of Events.

Computer Tips to Help Conserve Electricity To help conserve and save on the cost of electricity, the Physical Plant Planning Subcommittee of the University Senate, Facilities Planning and Management, and Computing and Networking Services provides the following guidelines:
  • Turn off your computer monitor at night. Do not turn off your CPU; lock it instead.
  • During weekends, short vacations and extended absences, turn off your monitor and CPU.

     For more information, contact Terry Classen.

Year-Round Hours of Operation Online  To locate hours of operation for several campus buildings and services online, visit the Centers and Programs Web site. There you will be able to choose buildings or services and then specify dates to find the information you need.

High-end Web publishing software selected  Based on recommendations by a product evaluation team made up of faculty, staff and students, Dreamweaver MX has been selected as the high-end Web publishing software for UW-Eau Claire. Effective August 2002, ITM will support Dreamweaver MX by providing special pricing for department purchase, installation in the general access computer labs, training through CITI and BITS, documentation in the ITM Online Help Collection, and consulting support through the CNS Helpdesk. Support for Microsoft FrontPage also will continue.
     An assessment of Web publishing needs, tools and their integration will be performed annually. Initially, Dreamweaver will be supported for three years. An annual assessment will be conducted and plans will be adjusted accordingly.
     If you have questions about Dreamweaver or the selection process, contact Kathy Finder, 836-2865; or Lillian Hillis, 836-4214.
    Additional information may be found on the Web.

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