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Oct. 4, 2003
Fair play: UW can’t bear more cuts, Mash says

UW System is key to state’s economy

Sept. 1, 2003
UW-EC students’ paychecks only coming by direct deposit

UW Cuts Having Palpable Effects

Aug. 31, 2003
Students and parents will bear bulk of UW System’s budget cuts

Aug. 29, 2003
Despite small budget, UW-RF faculty, staff start off optimistic

July 24, 2003
UW System faces budget cuts

Doyle vetoes property tax cap

Doyle tosses ball to local governments

Only Corrections can use state tax money for more jobs

Editorial: The governor gets it right

June 24, 2003
Doyle uncaps veto pen as GOP approves budget

June 4, 2003
Panel OKs budget plan

May 30, 2003
Plan freezes state spending

May 15, 2003
Panel lops $250 million off UW System budget

GOP-led Joint Finance panel endorses Doyle's UW cuts

April 23, 2003
Editorial: Avoid having students fund aid increases

The face of state budget cuts

April 21, 2003
Two-Year colleges offer alternative to staff cuts

UWGB slashes budget

April 20, 2003
Republicans' turn now to get specific on budget

April 18, 2003
Job cuts included in UW-Green Bays proposed budge reduction

April 8, 2003
UW decries walking budget tightrope

April 8, 2003
UW System seeks state help

April 5, 2003
Opinion: Don't dismiss UW privatization

Editorial: UW cuts go too deep

UW budget cuts must leave enough to do the job

April 1, 2003
UW System president's teleconference focuses on tuition, financial aid

Student puts best face on tuition hike

March 31, 2003
Among offered budget ideas: Privatize UW-Madison

UW-Madison ponders trimming 150 jobs

March 24, 2003
School funding dominates budget hearing

March 22, 2003
Doyle plan ups fees by $526M

March 17, 2003
Lawmakers rail against budget plan

March 16, 2003
UW System future rests on leadership

March 14, 2003
UW System students decry effects of state budget cuts

Regents listen in

March 13, 2003
Regents visit campus

March 12, 2003
UW System talks budget cuts

UW System leader: Cuts' blow would go beyond universities

March 7, 2003
Charter status for the UW?
Regents consider controversial idea

College athletic departments to cut budgets but not sports

March 6, 2003
Regents seek input on handling cuts

Opinions mixed on budget cuts

Columnist says education worth tuition increases

March 5, 2003
UW-EC officials begin measuring cost of cuts

Class sizes may increase at UW-Stout, UW-River Falls

March 3, 2003
State workers plan vigil for contracts

Feb. 27, 2003
Doyle signs cuts of $170 million

Feb. 24, 2003
Editorial: UW: Think big, think small

Cuts to UW should be fair, proportional

Doyle visit doesn't include System talk

Letter: UW System hit hard again

Public skeptical Doyle can fix budget

Doyle plan hits hard for many

Feb. 21, 2003
Our view: UW cuts cannot continue forever

Feb. 20, 2003
Editorial: Tuition hikes reasonable; complaints aren't

UW System hit hardest by new plan

Tuition hike is attacked

Legislature OKs immediate deficit-reduction plan

Budget cuts: Lyall says cuts hit UW harder than others

UW students decry tuition proposal

State budget cuts fuel student protest

Doyle calls for deep cuts to UW System

Feb. 19, 2003
Sticker shock over cuts lingers at UW

Feb. 19, 2003
Students decry Doyle budget

Feb. 19, 2003
Tuition hike needed, but access a concern

Feb. 19, 2003
Doyle's budget plan: UW, public schools will take hits

Feb. 19, 2003
Funding cuts shake UW System

Feb. 19, 2003
UW System faces tough cuts, jump in tuition



Aug. 26, 2003
UW-Eau Claire Budget Update

Aug. 18, 2003
UW System Budget Analysis

July 31, 2003
UW System Summary of 2003-05 Biennial Budget Cuts

July 24, 2003
2003-05 State Budget Bill

May 16, 2003
Budget Update for UW-Eau Claire Faculty and Staff from Chancellor Donald Mash

April 23, 2003
Budget Message to the UW-Eau Claire Campus Community From Chancellor Donald Mash

UW-Eau Claire Budget Forums and Meeting Schedule

State/UW System Budget Questions and Answers

Governor's 2003 Budget Address

Governor's Budget and Summary Proposal

March 11, 2003
Recorded Webcast of Regents' March 11 Budget Listening Session

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March 3, 2003                                         

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Feb. 17, 2003                                         

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